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Become an Associate C|CISO


Become an Associate C|CISO

Associate C|CISO Program: For Aspiring Leaders

The Associate C|CISO Program is a professional certification program that equips cybersecurity professionals with the fundamental knowledge required for information security leadership. It is designed specifically for candidates aspiring to become C-suite leaders by training themselves in the 5 domains of the Certified CISO (C|CISO) program, even if they fall short of meeting the minimum 5 years of experience in 3 of the Certified CISO domains. This certification empowers emerging information security officers to understand the roles and responsibilities necessary for security executives to effectively contribute to the functioning of a CISO’s office and guide their career paths toward leadership allowing them to collaborate and support CISOs in strategic decision-making, with regard to the information security and risk management of an organization.

The Associate C|CISO Program provides a method to map a career into the C-suite leadership path and is designed to equip cybersecurity officers with the fundamental knowledge required to perform their roles effectively as information security managers ensuring that they gain the knowledge and professional experience needed to progress within their current capacities.

By holding the Associate C|CISO certification, cybersecurity officers demonstrate their commitment to continuous professional development and their readiness to take on leadership roles within a CISO’s office. This certification validates their ability to handle complex information security management system challenges, manage security programs, and contribute to the organization’s overall security posture.

This certification also serves as a stepping stone to obtaining the Certified CISO title and joining the global team of certified cybersecurity leaders.

Understand How Cybersecurity Strategies are Tied to Organizational Business Goals & Become a Crucial Contributor to the CISO’s Office.

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Pathway from Associate C|CISO to Certified CISO Certification

Below are the steps for becoming a C|CISO after achieving the Associate C|CISO certification

Step 1

To obtain full Certified CISO status, candidates must meet the experience requirements by having a minimum of 5 years of experience in at least 3 of the 5 C|CISO domains. The required experience must be earned while the candidate maintains their Associate C|CISO certification.

Step 2

After gaining the required experience, Associate C|CISO certification holders complete a form to indicate their experience eligibility for the Certified CISO certification. Experience will be verified.

Step 3

Once the form is approved, candidates will take the Certified CISO examination. The candidate has the option to retake the training prior to taking the examination. This is recommended because core training materials can change to maintain alignment to security industry changes.

Step 4

After the examination has been successfully passed, the candidate will be granted the Certified CISO certification.

If the candidate’s Associate C|CISO certification has lapsed, they must reapply for the C|CISO program and follow the standard C|CISO application process from the beginning.

* Note: Candidates must purchase the Certified CISO exam voucher to take the exam.


The Associate C|CISO program covers a broad range of essential topics needed to successfully lead information security management functions. With a comprehensive curriculum, including in-depth knowledge of the essential infosec domains, the Associate C|CISO program helps aspiring security executives build advanced skills by bridging the gap between their current capabilities to leadership competence and knowledge. The Associate C|CISO program enables candidates to leverage C|CISO knowledge by training through C|CISO courseware, equipping them with a robust understanding of information security management systems and leadership skills.

The Associate C|CISO program is the stepping stone to achieving the C|CISO certification. The course is designed to help aspiring infosec leaders jumpstart their careers in information security leadership. Candidates who do not meet the experience requirements for the C|CISO program can leverage the Associate C|CISO program as their first step to gaining the necessary skills and knowledge required for C-suite roles.

EC-Council has announced the retirement of its EISM certification effective June 1st 2023. Current EISM certification holders will be transitioned to the Associate C|CISO certification. With the Associate C|CISO program, EC-Council will provide greater emphasis on executive mentorship, networking, and access to senior leaders to encourage growth and development from managers to executives as our associates earn the required experience to eventually achieve the full C|CISO designation

The Associate C|CISO certification is suitable for cybersecurity professionals who aspire to pursue information security executive/leadership roles. It is designed for individuals with at least 2 years of technical or management experience in specific domains or those holding relevant certifications such as CISSP, CISM, or CISA.

By obtaining the Associate C|CISO certification, professionals gain a clear view of their future in cybersecurity management. They acquire the knowledge and experience needed to progress within their current capacities and align their skills with the requirements of a CISO’s office. The certification enhances their recognition and credibility as effective contributors to information security leadership.

The Associate CCISO certification provides a method to map a career into the C-suite leadership path. It equips cybersecurity officers with the fundamental knowledge required to perform their roles effectively at a CISO office as information security professionals. The certification acts as a recognized credential that can help professionals stand out and seize leadership opportunities in the industry.

Yes, the Associate C|CISO certification can be upgraded to the full C|CISO certification. Candidates can pursue additional training and meet the experience requirements outlined by EC-Council to upgrade their certification status.

After successful completion, Associate C|CISO certification holders may apply for the C|CISO certification by following the below steps:

  • Gain at least 5 years of experience in at least 3 of the 5 domains indicating eligibility for C|CISO Certified Status. The candidate should hold a valid Associate C|CISO certificate while applying for Certified CISO status.
  • Once verified, candidates will have to take the Certified CISO test.
  • Once the candidates pass the Certified CISO exam as per the cut off standards, they will be granted the Certified CISO certificate.

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