Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Program

Become a Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA)

Threat Intelligence Certification

Become A Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA)

What is Threat Intelligence?

SonicWall reported that over 270,228 new malware variants were discovered in 2022.

Cloudflare mitigates record-breaking 71 million request-per-second DDoS attacks in 2023.

Cyberattacks are getting complex with rapid advancements in technology. Therefore, organizations must upgrade their defenses and develop countermeasures by acquiring intelligence related to potential threat actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). To tackle intricate threat vectors, these huge information need to be broken down and analyzed , which then needs to be turned into actionable intelligence and data to bolster organizational defense and proactively predict and mitigate future threats. Cyber threat intelligence includes reliable data collection from numerous sources, context-relevant analysis, production of useful intelligence, and distribution of relevant information to stakeholders.

What is the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Program?

EC-Council’s Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) certification is a comprehensive specialist-level professional program focused on the ever-evolving domain of threat intelligence. The program is designed for individuals involved in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating threat intelligence information.

C|TIA covers a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of threat intelligence, the use of threat intelligence tools and techniques, and the development of a threat intelligence program. The cyber threat intelligence course focuses on refining data and information into actionable intelligence that can be used to prevent, detect, and monitor cyber-attacks. The program addresses all the stages involved in the threat intelligence lifecycle, and this attention toward a realistic and futuristic approach makes C|TIA one of the most comprehensive threat intelligence certifications in the market today.

C|TIA program provides credible professional knowledge required for a successful threat intelligence career. It enhances your skills as a threat intelligence analyst, thus increasing your employability. It is desired by most cybersecurity engineers, analysts, and professionals globally and is respected by hiring authorities. Ideal for individuals working in information security, network security, incident response, and other related fields, mastering in-demand skills and earning this certification will improve threat intelligence operations and investments for cybersecurity individuals and teams.

A C|TIA professional will be proficient in specialized skills and knowledge to understand the methodology and mindset of modern attackers competently and deploy the threat intelligence accordingly.

Key Features and Critical Components of the C|TIA Program

1. Planning and Direction 2. Collection 3. Analysis and Production 4. Dissemination and Integration
1. Strategic 2. Operational 3. Tactical 4. Technical
Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA)

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Key Benefits of The C|TIA Program

Build Your Threat Intelligence Career and Skills

Gain skills for performing diverse types of threat intelligence
C|TIA focuses on developing skills for performing different kinds of threat intelligence for organizations, including strategic, operational, tactical, and technical intelligence.
Learn how to collect, create, and disseminate Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) in various formats
C|TIA discusses indicators of compromise (IoCs) in detail, including the internal and external IoCs. It illustrates how to acquire these IoCs from various sources. These IoCs are an excellent source of information about cyber threats, and an organization can easily detect cyber-attacks and respond in time by monitoring these IoCs. C|TIA elaborately explains how to create and disseminate these IoCs.
Learn various techniques for threat intelligence reporting and dissemination
C|TIA focuses on the creation of efficient threat intelligence reports. It describes building blocks for threat intelligence sharing along with different sharing rules and models. It explains the best practices for sharing TI and discusses different intelligence-sharing acts and regulations.
Know how to perform threat intelligence through Python Scripting
C|TIA program equips professionals with python skills that are highly relevant in the field, fostering a more comprehensive and adaptable approach to threat intelligence. Understanding how to leverage Python for threat intelligence enables cybersecurity professionals to enhance their capabilities in collecting, processing, and interpreting threat data more efficiently.
Learn threat intelligence in SOC Operations, Incident Response, and Risk Management
The C|TIA program ensures that cybersecurity professionals are adept at collecting and analyzing threat intelligence and can leverage it strategically across SOC operations, incident response, and risk management for a holistic and proactive cybersecurity approach.
Based on a comprehensive industry-wide job task analysis (JTA)
C|TIA was developed by top-notch threat intelligence analysts and experts in the domain through rigorous industry-wide JTA and after intensive analysis of all possible combinations of Task, Knowledge, Skill, and Ability (TKSA) from relevant job postings of various multinational companies.
Learn various data collection techniques from multiple sources and feeds
Collecting appropriate data for analysis is the key to achieving better threat intelligence output. C|TIA emphasizes diverse data collection techniques from multiple sources and feeds. It allows students to employ different data collection strategies to collect relevant threat information for building effective threat intelligence.
Gain proficiency in developing a structured approach for performing threat analysis and threat intelligence evaluation
The C|TIA presents a systematic technique that an analyst may employ to perform threat analysis and threat modeling. This program also illustrates fine-tuning the analysis process to filter unnecessary information and extract effective intelligence. It also explains different threat intelligence evaluation techniques for acquiring desired intelligence.
Know the latest threat intelligence tools/platforms and frameworks
The C|TIA course includes a library of tools, platforms, and frameworks across different operating platforms required by security professionals/threat intelligence analysts to extract effective organizational threat intelligence. This gives students a wider range of options than any other program on the market.
Gain skills in threat hunting and detection
The C|TIA program familiarizes individuals with the skills to analyze and interpret threat intelligence, empowering them to detect anomalies and hidden threats. It ensures cybersecurity professionals are well-versed enough to navigate the dynamic threat landscape and contribute to a resilient security posture.
Enhance your threat intelligence skills in the cloud environment
C|TIA program ensures that cybersecurity professionals/threat intelligence analysts are well equipped with the knowledge to identify, analyze, and respond to threats within cloud infrastructures.

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