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EC-Council DevSecOps Essentials

The DevSecOps Essentials (D|SE) covers fundamental skills in DevSecOps, providing key insights into identifying application development risks and securing and testing applications within on-premises, cloud providers, and infrastructures. No IT/Cybersecurity experience required for this course.

Test your skills with Capstone Projects and validate these newly acquired skills in proctored exams. With 7 practical labs, 7+ hours of premium self-paced video training, and 12 modules, it ensures students gain recognition and secure better opportunities for the next logical step after D|SE.

The DevSecOps Essentials program will provide you with the foundation knowledge and essential aspects of secure application development, or DevSecOps. In this course, you will gather key insights into identifying application development risk and securing and testing applications within on-premises, cloud providers, and hybrid infrastructures. In capstone project demonstrating your ability to think critically, apply acquired knowledge, and employ hands-on skills to resolve a variety of challenges. After completing this program, you will be prepared to move toward a career in secure application development. If you are looking to learn an advance DevSecOps certification, click here: EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (E|CDE)

Key Features of the DevSecOps Essentials Program

DevSecOps Essentials (D|SE) Program Information

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When security integration is involved in every step of the software development process, it is called DevSecOps—which stands for Development, Security, and Operations. With DevSecOps, SDLC becomes easier and less expensive to fix vulnerabilities.
DevOps focuses on successful software delivery, but DevSecOps primarily focuses on securely implementing software development lifecycle reducing vulnerabilities. Hence, DevSecOps is a more secure and better choice than DevOps.
Upon completion of the 7+ hours D|SE course and passing the proctored exam, EC-Council will certify you for the DevSecOps Essentials program.
The software for your system should be the latest version of Atom IDE and have Node.js LTS 8.9.1 installed for attending the EC-Council Essentials DevSecOps course.
Upon completion of the D|SE course, apply for the E|CDE course offered by the EC-Council. ECCouncil’s Certified DevSecOps Engineer course will equip you with the required cybersecurity skills to become an expert DevSecOps professional.
Yes, EC-Council’s DevSecOps Essentials course is for beginners. High school or university students can apply with or without prior work experience.
Over 2 lakh students trust the EC-Council Essentials Series in 150 countries. Popular for its wide topic coverage, it also offers students and professionals the chance to kickstart their cybersecurity careers with job-ready skills and gain global recognition.
After completion of the DevSecOps Essentials course, you can further enhance your DevSecOps skills by applying to the EC-Council’s Certified DevSecOps Engineer (E|CDE) course offered by EC-Council.
The EC-Council DevSecOps Essentials is available in separate pricing plans for individuals, universities, and enterprises. Enquire here for more information on the D|SE course plans and prices.
To start a career in DevSecOps, you can apply for EC-Council’s DevSecOps Essentials course, an introductory cybersecurity course that equips you with the foundational technical skills sought by employers, making you eligible for entry-level roles. It will provide you with key insights into identifying application development risks and securing and testing applications within onpremises, cloud providers, and hybrid infrastructures.
Depending on your interests in various aspects of cybersecurity, you can begin your career with EC-Council’s Essentials course. It offers eight different training courses – E|HE for fundamentals of Ethical Hacking, N|DE for the basics of Network Defense, D|FE for insights on Digital Forensics, C|SE for Cloud Security, D|SE for candidates interested in DevSecOps, I|TE for the basics of IoT, S|CE for the essentials of SOC, and T|IE for insights on Threat Intelligence.
You can take the EC-Council’s DevSecOps Essentials course even if you are yet to gain experience in IT or cybersecurity. High school and college students and career switchers can take the course to advance their careers in cybersecurity.
Upon completion of the D|SE course and passing the proctored exam, you will receive the certification validating your skills in DevSecOps.
EC-Council’s D|SE course is an entry-level certification program focusing on the fundamentals of DevSecOps for students with no prior work experience. There are no prerequisites or eligibility requirements to apply for the course. However, your system would require the installation of Node.js LTS 8.9.1 and should have the latest version of Atom IDE.
The D|SE course helps you acquire practical skills for secure application development roles. It also provides crucial insights into application development and security, implementation ofDevSecOps in CI/CD pipelines, and more. However, to gain expertise in DevSecOps or become a DevSecOps engineer, you can apply for the EC-Council’s E|CDE certification program.
The D|SE certification focuses on hands-on labs and DevSecOps tools to help you gain job-ready skills in DevSecOps fundamentals.
No, there are no eligibility requirements for D|SE certification. Anyone with a knack for DevSecOps, cloud security, app development security, and CI/CD implementation can apply without prior work experience.
A proctored exam is supervised by an authorized individual called a proctor to ensure the integrity and security of the exam process. The proctor monitors the test-takers during the exam to prevent any misconduct.
Yes, EC-Council’s Essentials Series exams are fully proctored by EC-Council to maintain the integrity and fairness of the certification process. Proctored exams ensure that candidates comply with the rules and regulations established by EC-Council.

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