Become a EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH)


Become a EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH)

Why Incident Handling is Critical for Any Organization?

277 Days

Average time to identify and contain a data breach.

49 Days

Ransomware breaches took 49 days longer than average to identify and contain.

303 Days

Average time to identify and contain a supply chain compromise.

Despite all elementary security measures, organizations are still finding it difficult of withstand cyber attacks which weakens the very foundation of the organizations business processes.

An effective incident handling and response program ensures 1. Quick detection 2. Containment and systematic recovery with 3. Quick healing and aims to reinstate business processes back to normal.

What is the EC-Council Certified Incident Handling Response Program?

EC-Council’s Certified Incident Handler program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively prepare for, deal with, and eradicate threats and threat actors in an incident.

This ANAB ISO/IEC 17024 accredited and US DoD 8140 approved program provides the entire process of Incident Handling and Response and hands-on labs that teach the tactical procedures and techniques required to effectively Plan, Record, Triage, Notify and Contain. Students will learn the handling of various types of incidents, risk assessment methodologies, as well as laws and policies related to incident handling. After attending the course, students will be able to create IH&R policies and deal with different types of security incidents such as malware, email security, network security, web application security, cloud security, and insider threat-related incidents.

The E|CIH (EC-Council Certified Incident Handler) also covers post incident activities such as Containment, Eradication, Evidence Gathering and Forensic Analysis, leading to prosecution or countermeasures to ensure the incident is not repeated.
The E|CIH is a method-driven course that provides a holistic approach covering vast concepts related to organizational IH&R, from preparing/planning the incident handling response process to recovering organizational assets from the impact of security incidents. These concepts are essential for handling and responding to security incidents to protect organizations from future threats or attacks.
The E|CIH program addresses all stages involved in the IH&R process, and this attention toward a realistic and futuristic approach makes E|CIH one of the most comprehensive IH&R-related certifications in the market today.

Key Features and Critical Components of the E|CIH Program

Covers the Latest Incident Handling and Response Resources

Incident Handling

Incident Handling Playbooks and Runbooks

Incident Handling Checklists and Toolkits
Incident Handling
Cheat Sheets

Incident Handling & Response Tools/Platforms

Incident Handling and Response Frameworks

Real-Time Case studies on Handling and Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents

Incident Handling Standards, Laws, and Legal Compliance

E|CIH Course: The Handbook for Incident Handlers

Master 9 Stages in Incident Handling & Response Process

E|CIH Program Information

Advanced Lab-Driven Skill Development with E|CIH

Key Advantages of E|CIH Program Labs

Career Opportunities with E|CIH


E|CIHv3 Is the Most Desirable Program According to the Top Incident Handling Professionals Globally

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