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EC-Council Cloud Security Essentials

Cloud Security Essentials is a foundational course covering cloud computing and security fundamentals, data protection and encryption in the cloud and more. This course prepares you to secure identities, data, and applications within cloud providers and hybrid infrastructures. No IT/Cybersecurity experience required for this course.

Test your skills with Capstone Projects and validate these newly acquired skills in proctored exams. With 6 hands-on labs and 10+ hours of premium training, the C|SE provides learners with practical skills to secure cloud solutions.

Cloud Security Essentials course will provide you with the skills that you need to understand the foundational and essential aspects of Cloud Security. You will learn the fundamentals of cloud computing and the essential aspects of securing identities, data, and applications within cloud providers and hybrid infrastructures. Take part in capstone project where you’ll tackle real world challenges, demonstrating your ability to think critically, apply acquired knowledge, and employ hands-on skills to resolve a variety of challenges. After completing this course, you will be prepared to move toward a career in cloud security and take the next steps in cloud security certifications. If you are looking to learn an advance cloud security certification, click here: Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE)

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Cloud Security or cloud computing security refers to cybersecurity principles, methodologies, controls, and best practices implemented to safeguard cloud-based data, applications, and infrastructure. By preventing unauthorized access and data loss, cloud security provides scalability and flexibility to organizations, meeting all the unique needs of the cloud.
One can get certified in the Cloud Security Essentials Series by completing the C|SE training course followed by the C|SE exam.
With the C|SE course, candidates can acquire strong foundational skills and knowledge in cloud security and cloud infrastructure. To advance their career in the field and rise the ranks, they can enroll in EC-Council’s Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE) certification.
Yes, EC-Council’s Cloud Security Essentials (C|SE) is designed for beginners, including school and university students, professionals with or without work experience, and anyone interested in a career in cybersecurity, cloud security, and network security.
EC-Council’s Essentials Series, designed for entry-level cybersecurity professionals, has gained popularity for its comprehensive coverage of core skills like ethical hacking, network defense, cloud security, digital forensics, and more. Offering foundational knowledge and skills with upgraded resources makes it a reliable choice for aspiring cybersecurity professionals.
Aspiring cybersecurity professionals interested in ethical hacking can opt for E|HE, N|DE for network defense, and D|FE for digital forensics. Moreover, they can enroll in the D|SE for DevSecOps, I|TE for IoT security, S|CE for SOC, or T|IE for threat intelligence.
Candidates may visit the C|SE webpage for more information on the cost and available limited offers of the series. Click here.
EC-Council’s Cloud Security Essentials (C|SE) offers one of the best comprehensive foundations in cloud computing and security. It covers topics such as data protection, network security, risk management, compliance, governance, and more, preparing candidates for further certifications to elevate their careers.
EC-Council’s C|SE course can be an ideal starting point for starting a career in cybersecurity for aspiring cloud security professionals. The course provides essential foundational knowledge and skills, equipping learners with the latest tools and resources needed to effectively handle security risks in cloud security.
EC-Council’s C|SE course is suitable for candidates interested in a cloud security career. Students and fresh graduates can opt to begin their cybersecurity careers. IT professionals who wish to specialize in cloud security, and professionals looking to enhance their cloud security expertise can also join the course.
Yes, upon completing the course, candidates obtain a certification that validates their skills and verifies their completion of the course.
As the C|SE course is designed to help beginners and entry-level professionals start their cybersecurity careers, there are no prior knowledge requirements to begin with the training.
The C|SE course provides strong foundational knowledge and skills for cloud security candidates. However, to further enhance your expertise in cloud security, consider pursuing EC-Council’s Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE). It is a multi-security course designed to match the latest security tools for different environments.
The C|SE builds foundational skills, validating students’ knowledge and skills in cloud security that enhance employability. However, overall knowledge, merits, practical skills, and other variables play an important role in landing a cloud security job role.
No. Anyone interested in starting a career in cybersecurity, cloud security, network security, and interested in cloud technology can enroll in the C|SE certification.
A proctored exam is supervised by an authorized individual called a proctor to ensure the integrity and security of the exam process. The proctor monitors the test-takers during the exam to prevent any misconduct.
Yes, EC-Council’s Essentials Series exams are fully proctored by EC-Council to maintain the integrity and fairness of the certification process. Proctored exams ensure that candidates comply with the rules and regulations established by EC-Council.
Running the labs incorporates a system setup with an operating system, a processor, sufficient memory, and enough storage space for an optimal experience with hands-on experience. While the hands-on experience. The software requirements involve an operating system, a compatible browser, Atom IDE, the latest version, and Node.js LTS 8.9.1 Installed.

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