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EC-Council IoT Security Essentials

The IoT Security Essentials (I|TE) is a comprehensive guide to securing the Internet of Things (IoT) systems. It covers essential topics from IoT fundaments to advanced security threats and security engineering, providing the knowledge and skills to design, deploy, and maintain secure IoT solutions. No IT/Cybersecurity experience required for this course.

Test your skills with CTF-based Capstone Projects and validate these newly acquired skills in proctored exams. Equipping candidates to identify, assess, and mitigate security risks in IoT environments, the course provides 5 labs, 8+ hours of premium video training, and 11 modules with industry-aligned expertise.

EC-Council’s IoT Security Essentials Series provides comprehensive coverage of essential topics in securing Internet of Things (IoT) systems. From understanding the fundamental concepts of IoT to addressing advanced security threats, students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to design, deploy, and maintain secure IoT solutions. Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on exercises, participants will explore IoT fundamentals, networking and communication protocols, cloud integration, threat intelligence, incident response, and security engineering principles. One of the key features of this course is the capstone project CTF challenges where your demonstrate your ability to think critically, apply acquired knowledge, and employ hands-on skills to resolve a variety of challenges within a genuine (yet controlled) target system. Ultimately, students will be equipped with the expertise needed to effectively identify, assess, and mitigate security risks in IoT environments, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of IoT systems and data.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Security is a comprehensive approach to protecting IoT devices and networks while maintaining users’ privacy and confidentiality of data and allowing the IoT network to function smoothly. From sensitive data breaches to system compromises and disruptions to critical infrastructure, IoT security is essential in mitigating risks and implementing robust security measures.
One can get certified in the IoT Security Essentials by enrolling in the series and completing the I|SE exam.
To run the labs, the minimum hardware requirement is an Intel i5 or better processor, 16-32 GB of memory, either Windows, MacOS, or Linux operating systems, VMware Workstation Player or Oracle VirtualBox hypervisor, and 100GB or better storage capacity. Your system should also have any of the following internet browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Brave.
EC-Council’s IoT Security (I|SE) provides students with the robust theoretical and practical knowledge required to build foundational skills to move toward the next logical step of IoT security expertise. Post this foundational course, you should choose to get trained in Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) course to enable yourself with comprehensive training.
Yes. The IoT Security (I|SE) course is designed to provide foundational skills to school students, fresh graduates, professionals, career starters and switchers, and IT/technology/cybersecurity teams with little or no work experience.
EC-Council’s Essentials Series courses offer individuals technical foundational learning experience in various skills, including IoT security, ethical hacking, cloud security, network defense, and more. Their global recognition and availability for all groups of aspiring cybersecurity candidates, from students to professionals and career switchers, make them reliable, increasing their popularity.
EC-Council Essentials Series consists of eight essentials for candidates to build their fundamental skills in cybersecurity and advance their careers. E|HE for ethical hacking, N|DE for network defense, D|FE for digital forensics, D|SE for DevSecOps, S|CE for SOC, and T|IE for threat intelligence alongside I|SE for IoT Security.
Candidates can visit the EC-Council’s I|SE webpage and click here for detailed information on the cost of the I|SE course and available offers.
To begin a career in cybersecurity, EC-Council offers students and aspiring cybersecurity professionals the Essentials Series, which builds technical foundational knowledge in an area. E|HE and N|DE essentials, for example, provide foundational skills on ethical hacking and network defense. Candidates can boost their expertise in these areas further with advanced professional certifications, including EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) and Certified Network Defender (C|ND), which will provide them with a pathway to a successful cybersecurity career.
The IoT Security Essentials (I|SE) is available for students, fresh graduates, professionals, career switchers, and anyone interested in gaining foundational knowledge in IoT Security to advance their cybersecurity careers.
Yes. Candidates obtain the EC-Council’s globally recognized certification after completing the IoT Security Essentials (I|SE) course and the I|SE exam.
The I|SE course does not require prior knowledge. Aspiring cybersecurity individuals with little or no experience can enroll.
The IoT Security (I|SE) is one of the cybersecurity certifications that provides a strong foundation and advances cybersecurity knowledge. Candidates can further boost their expertise and gain industry recognition through EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), the world’s number one ethical hacking certification, to get better opportunities.
The I|SE certification helps individuals gain a strong foundational expertise that leads to career advancements. However, securing a job incorporates various factors including merits, professional certifications, experience, and more.
No. Aspiring cybersecurity professionals with or without experience and without any prior knowledge about IoT Security can enroll in the course.
Switching your career from a different industry to cybersecurity might involve obtaining relevant foundational certifications to begin with. EC-Council’s Essentials Series is one of the learning routes one can take while transitioning into cybersecurity.
Yes, EC-Council’s Essentials Series exams are fully proctored by EC-Council to maintain the integrity and fairness of the certification process. Proctored exams ensure that candidates comply with the rules and regulations established by EC-Council.
Yes. IoT Security Essentials (I|TE) learners can participate in the Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges and test their skills in a simulated environment through human-versus-machine challenges. These hands-on experiences, assisted by virtual machines and genuine software, assess their competence and teach them how to tackle real-world challenges within a controlled environment.
Yes. EC-Council’s Essentials Series has proctored exams ensuring the integrity and credibility of the courses.

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