March 11, 2024

4 Essential Information Security Management Skills CISOS

Organizations face an ever-changing digital landscape, which often results in new security risks. Cyberthreats continue to plague both governments and businesses around the world, highlighting the need for security professionals and leaders who can supply the skills and leadership to combat them. As the world of information security evolves, so must the skills of those…

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What Next After CISSP

EC-Council supports your continued leadership journey and that’s why we encourage you to pursue the CCISO after you finish the CISSP. After all, CCISO was created by an Advisory Board full of CISSPs who recognized the need for an executive-level training program to follow CISSP! We cannot afford to just teach managerial skills to leaders…

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What next after CISSP? Created by (ISC)2, the CISSP certification has been the leading training program for and validation of IT security management skills since its inception all the way back in 1994. To date there are over 180,000 CISSPs around the world, and that number is growing all the time. It’s hard to overestimate…

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Risk Management

What Is Risk Management? Risk management is a risk assessment method that analyzes and eliminates risks to mitigate threats and optimize an investment’s profits. Risk management includes the detection, review, and reaction to risk factors that are part of a company’s existence. Efficient risk management means seeking — by behaving proactively rather than reactively —…

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What is Information Security Management

Information security management is an organization’s approach to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of IT assets and safeguard them from cyberattacks. A Chief Information Security Officer, IT Operations Manager, or Chief Technical Officer, whose team comprises Security Analysts and IT Operators, may carry out the tasks involved in information security. It’s obvious that virtually…

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What is Cloud Security

An organization’s incident response plan is the set of measures and procedures it has in place to respond to and protect against a cyberattack. An effective incident response plan can reduce the damage experienced after a security breach and ensure faster systems recovery. As the rates of cybercrime continue to increase, incident response plans have…

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