EC-Council’s Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) Program Trusted at the Highest Level of Cyber Leadership – DoD Directive 8140

September 18, 2023
| Keith Rayle
| Executive Management

Traditional national security measures of the past leveraged borders, global influence, political maneuvering, and intelligence gathering measures to protect a country’s interests. By shifting focus to cyber space, hostile nations and cybercriminal organizations can cause instantaneous damage to critical infrastructure, disseminate misleading information to large swaths of the population, subvert sensitive information, and create a deterioration of our ability to successfully achieve national goals of peace and prosperity for the population.

With this shift in frontline protection dynamics, the future of national security now rests in the hands of our country’s cyber warfare leadership. Setting policies, creating strategies, defining monitoring and response requirements, and creating effective cyber countermeasure programs require strong security leadership capabilities. National interests dictate decisive action to effectively manage escalating global attacks and eliminate threats in the daily fight within a war that exists on the shifting battlefield of cyberspace. As citizens, we rely on capable security leaders to detect, defend, and protect our society.

Realizing the need for security leadership that encompasses more than just technology or team management capabilities, DoDD 8140 defined the C|CISO certification as meeting the qualification standards for some of the most demanding cyber roles across the Department of Defense community. The C|CISO certification validates the knowledge and skills required to perform certain roles within the 8140 taxonomies. The United States executes on the national cyber strategy on a 24×7 basis, protecting this country and its vital interests. The DoD relies on EC Council’s C|CISO Program and certification to equip top cyber leaders with critical skills and knowledge to enable them in their demanding and critical roles.

C|CISO is approved as a qualifying credential for the following positions within the DoD hierarchy of job DoDD 8140 titles:

  • (901) Executive Cyber Leadership (Advanced)
  • (805) IT Program Auditor (Advanced)
  • (804) IT Investment/Portfolio Manager (Advanced)
  • (803) Product Support Manager (Advanced)
  • (802) IT Project Manager (Advanced)
  • (801) Program Manager (Advanced)
  • (752) Cyber Policy and Strategy Planner (Advanced)
  • (751) Cyber Workforce Developer and Manager (Advanced)
  • (722) Information Systems Security Manager (Intermediate)
  • (612) Security Control Assessor (Advanced)
  • (611) Authorizing Official/Designating Representative (Advanced)
  • (422) Data Analyst (Advanced)

The value of the C|CISO certification extends beyond DoDD 8140, providing a clear path to executive security leadership positions across all industries and types of organizations. However,

if you are in one of these roles or aspiring to fill a position as designated above, the C|CISO certification will be instrumental in obtaining your career goals.

For those of you protecting the front line of freedom – we thank you deeply for your service. If you would like to know more about attaining EC Council’s C|CISO certification, please follow this link and empower your cyber leadership career.

Keith Rayle

Senior Director, C|CISO Certification Program

Keith Rayle has over 25 years of experience in operational and consulting security and privacy and is currently in charge of an executive management certification program with more than 4,000 members worldwide. Prior to this, he was CISO of a $7 billion company, leading a security portfolio build-out and security program. He has also been a global speaker on advanced security topics and technologies, such as artificial intelligence, advanced threat analysis, and security technology trends. In addition, he’s also a 21-year veteran of the military, having served as a Nuclear Weapons Technician, Threat Officer, Helicopter Pilot, Platoon Leader, and in various other military leadership positions.
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