Cybersecurity Expert Interview

Expert Insights: AI in Cybersecurity: Enhancing Defense Mechanisms and Regulations Amid Evolving Threats

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools have become prevalent in the cybersecurity landscape. AI-powered tools are crucial in identifying cyberattacks, mitigating future threats, automating security operations, and identifying potential risks. On the one hand, introducing AI in the global cybersecurity industry has led to the automation of various tasks. Still, on the other hand, it has…

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Combatting Malware Threats
Expert Insights: Combatting Malware Threats with a Holistic Security Strategy

The threat landscape is changing. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated, as they know security teams are looking for a holistic approach to protect their organizations. Accompanied by the huge diversity of malware available, both in sophisticated and disruptive nature, the list of potential threats is long and comprehensive. Therefore, it can be quite overwhelming to…

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Cybersecurity Charge – Perspectives from a Top 50 CISO
Expert Insights: Leading the Cybersecurity Charge – Perspectives from a Top 50 CSO, Marco Túlio Moraes

CISOs are tasked with the responsibility of designing and deploying security technology architecture and interacting with executives on a daily basis. In an age where a lot of regulatory compliances are deemed mandatory and technology is advancing rapidly beyond one’s imagination, CISOs are expected to work above and beyond, leading security teams in all enterprises…

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