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IoT Security: Safeguarding Critical Networks Against Digital Assaults

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized various industries in today’s interconnected world, enabling smart homes, autonomous vehicles, and advanced industrial systems. However, with the tremendous increase in the quantity of IoT devices, the security of these devices and corresponding networks has become a significant concern. This blog aims to explore the significance of IoT security while briefly covering a few of the significant concerns that threaten data security in these networks. Furthermore, we provide insights into safeguarding critical networks against digital assaults.

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Safeguarding IoT Devices: Effective Penetration Testing Methods for Enhanced Security

EC-Council’s latest whitepaper, titled “Safeguarding IoT Devices: Effective Penetration Testing Methods for Enhanced Security,” authored by Tim Chase, Global Field CISO at Lacework, delves into the critical need for robust security measures to protect IoT (Internet of Things) devices. As the proliferation of connected devices continues to grow, securing IoT environments becomes paramount to mitigate…

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