Shift In the Winds


Note Tangible Alterations in Attack Methodologies Amidst AI Revolution.

Layered Defense


Employ Multi-Factor Authentication to Combat Top 5 Cloud Threat Tactics and Procedures (TTPs).

Education’s Edge
Champion Regular Training as being necessary for incident response.

Bypassing the Barricades


Identify social engineering and zero-day exploits as top threat vectors.

Zeroing In on Zero-Day


Identified these exploits as challenging.

AI Readiness


Admit Being Ill-Prepared for AI Cyber Onslaughts.

EC-Council CEH Threat Report 2024: AI and Cybersecurity Report: Discover impactful stats, technical insights, and strategies from experienced cybersecurity pros—perfect for your job

“EC-Council C|EH Threat Report 2024 is a wake-up call to all cybersecurity professionals!”


Why This Cyber security Report Matters to Professionals:

In the world of cybersecurity, knowledge is the most potent weapon. The EC-Council C|EH Threat Report 2024 equips professionals with the necessary insights to understand, adapt, and mitigate emerging threats. It’s more than a report: it’s a call to action to fortify our defenses, protect our organizations, and safeguard the digital realm.

The insights presented in this report are based on a comprehensive survey by professionals with diverse cybersecurity designations across 14 industries, with over 50% boasting a decade or more in the field.

How Attackers Exploit AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for over sixty years. It is changing how people live and how organizations and educational systems operate and conduct business. According to the Council of Europe, “AI consists of a set of sciences, theories, and techniques that aim to imitate the cognitive abilities of a human being.” However, AI is still in the nascent stage, and organizations must be aware of the many concerns regarding AI’s capabilities, limitations, and where it is going. According to the survey, participants were asked about the potential risks associated with AI in cyber attacks.

The top 4 risks identified are:

The Survey Demographic:

In a recent survey conducted by the EC-Council, working professionals were asked to share their thoughts and reflect on their experiences working in various industries.

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1066 Professionals

62 Cybersecurity Designations

Over 25% in Leadership & Management Roles

These professionals are employed across 14 different industries

Threat Report Leader Editor:

Cassandra Pristas

Lead Cybersecurity Instructor

Cassandra Pristas is the Lead Cybersecurity Instructor with EC-Council. She has over 24 years of experience in the IT and security industry. She is an information professional officer in the United States Naval Reserves in the information warfare community. She has several master’s degrees and IT industry certifications. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of West Florida, teaching intelligence analysis courses.

Threat Report Deputy Editor:

Dr. Meisam Eslahi

Executive Director | Cybersecurity – EC-Council Global Services CCISO, ECSA, CEH, CHFI, CEI, OSCP, ISMS LA

Dr Meisam is a technical cybersecurity practitioner with solid expertise in providing strategies and technical directions, building new service/business lines, diverse teams, and capabilities. He has over 20 years of experience in information technology, with 16 years dedicated to cybersecurity in leadership and technical roles. In his current role as Executive Director of Cybersecurity at EC-Council Global Services (EGS), Meisam is leading, managing, and delivering a wide range of cybersecurity services to multi-national clients, mainly in red teaming, threat hunting, DFIR, cyber drill, compromise assessment, and penetration testing. He contributes to the MITRE D3FEND project, is a mentor at the Blue Team Village, and has been a featured speaker at numerous global events and conferences, including Defcon, BSides, Nanosec, and NASSCOM.
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