Identity and Access Management

Identity and
Access Management

Put control to who can
access your IT systems



Identity and Access Management

Keep your Organization away from threats! IAM is a framework configuration used to ensure that every employee in the Organization is equipped and has access to right technologies and resources at the right place and time.



This Course Will Help You To

Learn to implement Identity Access Management data models  
Learn about IAM Risk Management
Explore new IAM Trends in market

Who is it for?

This course is designed to be accessible to all IT professionals involved with processes related to access management. The course is designed to build a theoretical, technical and practical knowledge of issues relating to identity and access management.


Learn about Identity and Access Management strategies, IAM Governance and how to implement IAM architecture solutions.

About the Course

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8 hours


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Identity and Access Management

In an increasingly connected world, Identity and Access Management is critical to securing the access and availability of enterprise assets. Effective IAM ensures that the right people have access to the right assets.

This comprehensive course covers the key areas of IAM, with including fundamental concepts, but also the technologies and the different approaches to implementing effective IAM across the enterprise, web services and government.


Course Outline

Section 2: Governance

Video 2.1: Governance

Section 3: Key Identity and Access Management Concepts

Video 3.1: Key Concepts Part 1 

Video 3.2: Key Concepts Part 2

Section 4: Organizational Processes

Video 4.1: Organizational Processes


Section 6: Cloud

Video 6.1: Cloud

Section 8: Technologies

Video 8.1: Technologies – Part 1 

Video 8.2: Technologies – Part 2

Section 9: Case Studies

Video 9.1: Case Studies



Know Your Author

Simon has over 20 years of experience in IT Security. He has worked on a variety of positions across the government and private sectors as a consultant and senior manager and has a broad range of theoretical and practical experience relating to the implementation, management, and review of security. 

He is passionate about sharing and developing skills in information Security, appearing twice as a keynote speaker twice at Information Security Europe and also leading and developing training in the field. 

Simon holds various degrees alongside a range of certifications including CEH, CISSO, CSSLP, CRISIC, ISO27001, CBP, TOGAF, MCSE, IS7001. 

He is a lead auditor and a Certified EC-Council Instructor. 



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Customers Who Loved Our Courses


Identity And Access Management


The level of detail was particularly pleasing to listen to even though it got quite technical towards the last few chapters but in short a well planned out course… Simon sure knows his IDAM… Thanks


Hafeezat bankole

Its Granularity explaining the details of the different domains in IAM.



A very comprehensive treatment of a fundamental area of information security. 



Mr. Simon present the concepts with well designed graphics!



Good course, a basic issue today that does not have as much information to follow good practices and standards.