The Comprehensive Mobile Ethical Hacking Course

The Comprehensive

Mobile Ethical Hacking Course

Secure your mobile phones from privacy intrusion like a security professional!


The Comprehensive Mobile Ethical Hacking Course

Mobile devices introduce new threats to organizations through untrusted applications. Therefore, it has become a mandate to evaluate and identify flaws regularly and conduct penetration tests to avoid any mishaps and losses. This course provides hands-on practical experience on ethical hacking for mobile applications & mobile devices.


This Course Will Help You To

Set-up a lab for Mobile Ethical Hacking and cybersecurity
Analyze the framework of a mobile application
Identify the types of vulnerabilities associated and how to bypass
Understand the cloud base security mechanism

Who is it for?

Mobile developers who want to learn about safe development.
Cyber security specialists looking forward to expanding their horizon into mobile world.
Network engineer, Software engineers, System Engineers, Network Professionals and IT professionals.

Important Notice – All candidates should work under legal boundaries. Please refer to the local cybersecurity laws and should commit to the rules.



We are going to start from scratch in this course and aim to learn all the details related to Ethical Hacking for Mobile Applications & Mobile Devices. Without any need of prior knowledge you will understand how hackers attack mobile applications & devices and protect yourself against these attacks. You will build your own hacking lab on your computer so that you can practice all the things that we are going to learn in this course. At the end of the course you will be able to understand the vulnerabilities in real world and learn how to fix them.
Throughout the course we are not going to focus on pure theory.

About the Course

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22 hours

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The Complete Mobile Ethical Hacking Course

Watch, Learn and Implement. Create your Hacking Lab. The Comprehensive Mobile Ethical Hacking Course provides the capabilities to protect against attacks and verify compliance with corporate risk and privacy policies. The course content focuses on mobile application security solution combined with the remediation capabilities that enable you to secure the mobile applications and device along with the server-side infrastructure with which the communication is done for iOS and Android devices.

It will explain the process of jailbreaking, rooting and reverse engineering in mobile phones. This course includes intensive learning about how to deploy a step-by-step mobile device penetration test. It will help you to leverage your knowledge about cloud security. By the end of this course you will be able to identify the risks and implement mobile security in enterprise workspace.


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Course Outline

Course Overview – Introduction

  • Introduction and Welcome 
  • Before We Start 

SECTION ONE – 1. Lab Setup

1.1 Introduction to Lab Setup

1.2 What is Virtual Machine? 

1.3 Installing VirtualBox for Windows Users 

1.4 Installing VirtualBox for Mac Users 

1.5 Installing Kali Linux 

1.6 Solving Kali Installation Problems: ISO Installation 

1.7 Taking Snapshots 

1.8 Kali Linux Overview 

1.9 Linux Commands 

1.10 Changing Passwords 

SECTION TWO - 2. Mobile Backdoors

2.1 Mobile Backdoors Introduction 

2.2 Backdoor Android vs iOS 

2.3 What is Payload? 

2.4 IP Address 

2.5 Tunnel Services 

2.6 APK Process 

2.7 Listening for Connections 

2.8 Signing Process 

2.9 Hacking Phone 

SECTION THREE – 3. – Android Studio Fundamentals

3.1 Introduction to Android Studio Fundamentals 

3.2 JDK Installation (Windows) 

3.3 JDK Installation (Mac) 

3.4 Android Studio Installation (Windows) 

3.5 Android Studio Installation (Mac) 

3.6 SDK Installation 

3.7 Creating First Project 

3.8 Android Studio Overview 

3.9 User Interface 

3.10 Connecting Views with Code 

3.11 Changing Image 

3.12 Opening Title Bar 

SECTION FOUR – 4. – Java Fundamentals

4.1 Introduction to Java Fundamentals 

4.2 Java Basics 

4.3 Variables 

4.4 Data Types Continued 

4.5 Variable or Constant 

4.6 Arrays 

4.7 Array List 

4.8 Set 

4.9 HashMap 

4.10 Conditions 

4.11 If Statements 

4.12 Switch 

4.13 For Loop 

4.14 For Loop Continued 

4.15 While Loop 

4.16 Activity Lifecycle 

4.17 Methods 

4.18 Scope 

4.19 Classes 

4.20 Constructor 

4.21 Access Levels 

4.22 Getter and Setter 

4.23 Calculator User Interface 

4.24 Calculator Constraints 

4.25 Connecting Views 

4.26 Calculator Codes 

4.27 Safe Calculator 

4.28 Android Development in 10 Minutes

SECTION FIVE – 5. iOS Development Fundamentals

5.1 Introduction to iOS Development Fundamentals 

5.2 Swift on Windows 

5.3 MacBook Setup 

5.4 Creating First Project 

5.5 XCode Overview 

5.6 Simulator 

5.7 User Interface 

5.8 Connecting Views 

5.9 Changing Image with Code 

5.10 Downloading Projects 

5.11 Options for Writing 

5.12 Variables and Constants 

5.13 Variable Types 

5.14 Predefined Types 

5.15 Arrays 

5.16 Set 

5.17 Dictionaries 

5.18 While Loop 

5.19 For Loop 

5.20 If Controls 

5.21 Functions 

5.22 Optional 

5.23 Worst Calculator Assignment 

5.24 Calculator Design 

5.25 Calculator Codes 

5.26 Safety and Scope 

5.27 What is OOP? 

5.28 Initializer 

5.29 What is enum? 

5.30 What is Inheritance? 

5.31 Access Levels 

SECTION SIX – 6. Rooting and Jailbreaking

6.1 Introduction to Rooting and Jailbreaking

6.2 What is Rooting and Jailbreaking?

6.3 Jailbreak Tools

6.4 Jailbreak Process

6.5 iPad SSH

6.6 Android: Installing APKs

6.7 Rooting Android

SECTION SEVEN – 7. Reverse Engineering: Android

7.1 Android Reverse Engineering Introduction 

7.2 Reverse Engineering Tools 

7.3 Kali Reverse Engineering Tools 

7.4 Mac Reverse Engineering Tools 

7.5 Hello World App 

7.6 Creating APK 

7.7 Dalvik Bytecode 

7.8 App Manipulation 

7.9 Signing 

7.10 Jadx Usage 

7.11 ProGuard Usage 

7.12 Obfuscated APK Decryption 

7.13 Game Hacking Practice 

7.14 Word Game Codes 

7.15 Reverse Engineering Advanced 

7.16 Method Manipulation 

7.17 Hacking the Game 

SECTION EIGHT – 8. Reverse Engineering: iOS

8.1 iOS Reverse Engineering Introduction 

8.2 Jailbreak Detection 

8.3 Assembly 

8.4 Hexadecimal 

8.5 Assembly Hints 

8.6 Cycript 

8.7 Manipulating App in Runtime 

8.8 Swift Challenges 

SECTION NINE – 9. Cloud Hacking: Firebase Security

9.1 Cloud Security Introduction 

9.2 Firebase Security Practice 

9.3 What is Firebase? 

9.4 Firebase Integration 

9.5 Dependency Work 

9.6 Preparing Files 

9.7 XML Work 

9.8 Java Files 

9.9 Testing 

9.10 How SecureTweet Works 

9.11 Reverse Engineering 

9.12 Getting Project ID 

9.13 Getting Collection Name 

9.14 Proxy Operations 

9.15 Emulator Proxy 

9.16 SSL Certificates 

9.17 APK Manipulation 

9.18 HTTPS Listening 

9.19 Hacking Firestore 

9.20 Safe Database Rules 

9.21 Firestore Security Rules in Depth

SECTION TEN – 10. CTF: Banking App Hacking

10.1 CTF Introduction 

10.2 CTF Practice 

10.3 Installing Genymotion 

10.4 Genymotion Settings 

10.5 Server Setup (Windows) 

10.6 Server Setup (Mac) 

10.7 Running App 

10.8 Bypassing Root Detection 

10.9 Activity Manipulation 

10.10 Simple Admin Flaw 

10.11 Admin Vulnerability 

10.12 Cryptology Hacking 

10.13 Hacking Content Providers 

SECTION 11 – In-network Attacks for Mobile Devices

11.1 In-network Attacks Introduction 

11.2 What is MITM? 

11.3 USB Wi-Fi Card Options 

11.4 Connecting USB Wi-Fi Card 

11.5 Bettercap Installation 

11.6 ARP Attack 

11.7 HTTPS Importance 

Atil Samancioglu

Know Your Author

Atil Samancioglu trains more than 190.000 students on Udemy on Development, Mobile Applications and Cyber Security. He is an instructor in Bogazici University, the college that he graduated back in 2010. Furthermore, he is the co-founder and CEO of Kolektif Academy, an education start-up in Turkey.

Atil believes that regardless of your background and your current job; you have to give programming a chance. Code literacy grows disproportionately every year. If you don’t want to be outdated digitally in the following years you have to do your best.

If you have a very good mobile application idea, if you want to follow your dreams, if you want to have a good job as a software developer, if you want to become a cyber security specials or if you just want to learn about programming you should not wait anymore.

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