December 4, 2023

AWS Penetration Testing: A Comprehensive Guide

Today’s business relies on applications and data analytics. The more business processes an organization can shift toward digital systems, the more data they have to work with.Enterprise cloud platforms power these applications, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is among the most popular. As of 2023, Amazon claims millions of customers use AWS (AWS, 2023). While…

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Black-Box, Gray Box, and White-Box
Black-Box, Gray Box, and White-Box Penetration Testing: Importance and Uses

Penetration testing is a cybersecurity best practice that involves working with an organization to probe its IT environment for vulnerabilities. By discovering these weaknesses in advance, penetration testers hope to resolve or mitigate them before they can be exploited during a real cyberattack. Penetration testing is pivotal in helping organizations detect IT security vulnerabilities and…

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