Penetration Testing

Burp Suite for Penetration Testing of Web Applications

Penetration testing simulates an actual cyber-attack by scanning and exploiting vulnerabilities in an IT environment. This cybersecurity practice aims to identify and resolve security weaknesses before an attacker can find them.  Safely exploiting vulnerabilities with penetration testing is a beneficial technique, so many pentesting tools are available on the market. You may see tools such…

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PowerShell Scripting: Definition, Use Cases, and More

PowerShell is a powerful tool for task automation and configuration management, mainly in the Windows operating system. Penetration testers and ethical hackers can use PowerShell scripting to automate many activities. In simple terms, PowerShell makes it easier to automate and manage tasks on Windows systems, enhancing cybersecurity efforts. What Is PowerShell? PowerShell refers to two…

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What is Penetration Testing

Is your organization equipped to defend against the increasing number of cyberattacks? Penetration testing is one of the best ways to evaluate your organization’s IT and security infrastructure as it identifies vulnerabilities in networks and systems. Unpatched vulnerabilities are an open invitation to cybercriminals. The National Institute of Standards and Technology discovered 4,068 high-risk vulnerabilities…

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C|PENT vs. OSCP vs. Pentest+ 

Penetration testing is the act of simulating cyberattacks against an IT system, network, or application by probing for and exploiting its vulnerabilities. Many pen testers have entered the field by receiving a penetration testing certification, leading to comparisons such as C|PENT vs. OSCP or CPENT vs. Pentest+. Penetration testers need to acquire skills and experience…

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Why Your Next Career Move Should be Penetration Testing 

Cybersecurity is a highly promising career choice today, with a growing demand for information security professionals. This industry offers many opportunities, especially in various specialized cybersecurity roles, including that of ethical hackers and pen testers, that organizations actively seek. With the significance of pen testing gaining prominence, choosing this field or making a switch can…

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AWS Penetration Testing: A Comprehensive Guide

Today’s business relies on applications and data analytics. The more business processes an organization can shift toward digital systems, the more data they have to work with.Enterprise cloud platforms power these applications, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is among the most popular. As of 2023, Amazon claims millions of customers use AWS (AWS, 2023). While…

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Black-Box, Gray Box, and White-Box
Black-Box, Gray Box, and White-Box Penetration Testing: Importance and Uses

Penetration testing is a cybersecurity best practice that involves working with an organization to probe its IT environment for vulnerabilities. By discovering these weaknesses in advance, penetration testers hope to resolve or mitigate them before they can be exploited during a real cyberattack. Penetration testing is pivotal in helping organizations detect IT security vulnerabilities and…

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what is capture the flag cyber security
What Is a Cyber Range? The Beginner-to-Expert Learning Path in Cybersecurity 

You’ve probably heard that cybersecurity is an in-demand career field right now. If you’ve wondered why, look at the damage security breaches do to a company: lost intellectual property, a damaged reputation, and a loss of competitive advantage in the marketplace. Experts report that a single security incident can cost an enterprise more than USD 4 million (IBM, 2023). And since new threats emerge every day, it’s easy to see why businesses are putting resources behind information security.

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