Threat Intelligence

Top Threat Intelligence Tools To Bolster Your Cybersecurity
Top Threat Intelligence Tools You Need To Know About

Threat intelligence is a critical piece of any organization’s security posture. Without it, you’re flying blind when it comes to defending your systems and data. But what are the best threat intelligence tools available today? And which ones should you be using? Here we’ll look at some top threat modeling tools and discuss their importance.…

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Complete Guide to Cyberthreat Intelligence Feeds And Sources
Popular Cyberthreat Intelligence Feeds and Sources – Explained 

Threat intelligence has become incredibly popular in recent years. This is largely a result of how sophisticated and pervasive cyberthreats have become. To identify and protect against these attacks, enterprises increasingly turn to threat intelligence and analysts. This blog sheds light on two well-known cyberthreat intelligence feeds and how they can help your organization protect…

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Leveraging Collective Intelligence in Threat Intelligence
The Power of Collective Intelligence: Leveraging Threat Intelligence to Protect Against Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity is continuously evolving, and the ability to quickly detect attacks is crucial for security teams to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Cybersecurity threat intelligence (CTI) plays a key role in detecting and securing security gaps, as it helps identify cyber threats by accessing data that reveal the existence or details of…

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OCTAVE Threat Model
The Benefits of Utilizing the OCTAVE Threat Model 

As business environments grow increasingly complex, it’s more important than ever that IT and cybersecurity professionals come together to utilize proven frameworks capable of guiding a comprehensive, systematic assessment of an organization’s IT risks. The OCTAVE model is widely regarded as the best framework of its kind, so let’s explore what it is and why…

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Threat Intelligence
Why Organizations Need to Deliberately Adopt Threat Intelligence

Every organization will, one way or another, land on the radar of cybercriminals or hackers who have an incentive to compromise their systems. Threat intelligence has therefore become a top priority for many organizations around the world. Some of the top security challenges organizations have faced over the last few years include: Identifying the right frameworks to…

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Career in Cyber Threat Intelligence
Why to Pursue a Career in Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cybercriminals are continually on the move, looking for ways to conduct cyberattacks and hack into networks across the globe. The annual cost associated with cybercrime damages equates to trillions of dollars each year, with experts predicting that global cybercrime damages will likely exceed USD 10.5 trillion annually by 2025 (Porteous, 2021). With numbers like these,…

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DREAD Threat Modeling
DREAD Threat Modeling: An Introduction to Qualitative Risk Analysis

By 2025, the global cost of cybercrime is projected to reach an estimated $10.5 trillion (INTRUSION, Inc., 2020). With 30,000 websites hacked every day (Bulao, 2022), companies of all sizes need to prioritize cybersecurity. As the prevalence and costs of cybercrime skyrocket, organizations have developed a variety of methods to model cyberthreats and assess cybersecurity risks and…

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Cyber Kill Chain
The Cyber Kill Chain: The Seven Steps of a Cyberattack

The Cyber Kill Chain framework, developed by Lockheed Martin (2022), explains how attackers move through networks to identify vulnerabilities that they can then exploit. Attackers use the steps in the Cyber Kill Chain when conducting offensive operations in cyberspace against their targets. If you’re responsible for defending a network, this model can help you understand…

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