The Ultimate Guide to the Best Cloud Security Certifications in 2024

March 29, 2023
| Cloud Security

The impact of cloud security threats and the growing demand for certified individuals who can address them make obtaining a cloud security certification more important than ever. Earning a cloud security certification elevates a candidate’s understanding of cloud security technologies and opens new career opportunities for them. This article will discuss the best cloud security certifications for 2024 and their role in building a rewarding career in cloud security.

Why is Cloud Security Certification Essential?

According to Foundry, 69% of companies have accelerated cloud migration over the past 12 months (2022).

While cloud adoption offers organizations many benefits such as lower costs, scalability, and accessibility but also introduces new cloud computing security risks. As more companies shift to cloud computing, the demand for professionals who can ensure effective protection of cloud data against cyberthreats is growing.

According to the IBM Transformation Index: State of Cloud, 71% of enterprises are establishing new roles to meet the need for cloud capabilities. The right cloud security certification can provide individuals with the knowledge, technical know-how, and skills to identify, prevent and respond to evolving cloud cyberthreats and advance their careers in this rapidly growing field.

Benefits of Cloud Security Courses

  • Cloud is the future: The use of cloud computing has been rapidly increasing in recent years and is expected to continue growing, emphasizing the need for advanced cloud security skills. Cloud certification training is essential for professionals wanting to stay ahead of the curve and advance their careers by opting for rewarding job roles in this promising field.
  • Gain specialized skills: A cloud security certification helps candidates develop practical cloud security skills and in-depth knowledge to successfully evaluate, detect and secure an organization’s cloud infrastructure. Whether you’re just starting or advancing your career, the right cloud certification can help you become job-ready with in-demand cloud security skills.
  • Increase visibility to companies: Companies prefer candidates with a solid understanding of cloud security principles, technologies, and frameworks. By obtaining cloud certification training, candidates can gain a competitive edge over peers and increase their visibility to potential employers.
  • High-paying jobs: As employers understand the worth of investing in skilled professionals, cloud security engineer experts have the opportunity to earn handsomely, given the growing demand for advanced skills and proficiency. Cloud security certifications can be a great investment in building a rewarding career, as they increase your earning potential by helping you land high-paying jobs.

Become a Cloud Security Expert with EC-Council’s C|CSE Training

While a good cloud computing certification can help you build a successful career, choosing the right cloud security certification is one of the greatest challenges professionals face today. Organizations look for candidates with comprehensive knowledge of cloud security platforms, while the available courses only train in either vendor-neutral or vendor-specific concepts.

EC-Council’s CCSE certification is designed to overcome this gap and offers candidates a mix of vendor-neutral and vendor-specific training. It covers vendor-neutral concepts like technologies, policies, and frameworks and simultaneously helps candidates build expertise in configuring specific cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

In addition to learning best practices, candidates undertaking this course will get exposure to mastering the latest tools and techniques in performing forensic investigations in the cloud. This lab-intensive program offers comprehensive training in both technical and operational aspects of cloud security. Some of the USPs of the program include the following:

  • a unique blend of vendor-neutral and vendor-specific cloud security concepts
  • a detailed methodological approach
  • a lab-intensive program with 50+ complex labs
  • hands-on and instructor-led training.
  • mapped to real-time cloud security job roles
  • comprehensive knowledge and practical learning of security practices, tools, and techniques.

How the C|CSE Helps

C|CSE candidates learn the following:

  • how to plan, configure, implement, and maintain a secure cloud environment
  • Cloud security best practices
  • Shared responsibility model
  • forensics investigation in the cloud
  • how to create and implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • how to design and implement governance frameworks in the cloud
  • how to implement SOAR for incident response
  • cloud security audit and penetration testing
  • how to implement security for private, hybrid, and multi-tenant cloud models.

Top EC-Council Cloud Certifications on CodeRed

EC-Council’s CodeRed offers a multitude of cloud security courses that equip you with in-demand cloud security skills. Choose from the courses below to stay on top of cloud security concepts and technologies:

  • Introduction to Azure Cloud Security Tools and Services

    This course helps candidates master the tools and services of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform by imparting vendor-specific knowledge in creating and deploying applications. In addition, they also get familiarized with Application Gateway and Azure Sentinel and learn the working mechanisms of Azure Information Protection. Especially applicable for professionals wanting to upgrade IT security skills, this certification goes beyond standard IT certifications and helps you build a career in cloud computing by learning to integrate the security aspect.

  • Microsoft AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer

    This course focuses on helping candidates understand security within Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud network infrastructures. It covers Microsoft Azure security and identity solutions, methodologies for protecting identities and data in the cloud network, and how they can strengthen security posture management. The course comprises comprehensive lectures, demos, and assessment questions covering all objective areas and prepares candidates for the Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate (AZ-500) exam.

  • AWS Certified Security Specialty – Cert Prep

    This course provides an intermediate overview of Amazon Web Services security, compliance, and identity solutions. It offers training in AWS network and application security solutions, identity and access management, infrastructure security, data protection, and incident response. Candidates wanting to enroll in this course must have a foundational knowledge of networking and cloud computing, and a trial/paid AWS subscription.

  • Enterprise API for Advanced Azure Developers

    This course provides the necessary skills and understanding to design and develop an enterprise-level API. It encompasses both functional and non-functional aspects of API design and development and teaches candidates to ensure consistency in schema definitions across all API services. Candidates will learn to secure APIs using Azure Active Directory and custom roles, create custom APIM policies, configure monitoring and alerting, and more.

  • Hands-On Azure Databricks and Security

    This course offers a strong understanding of deploying Azure Databricks and the skills to read, transform and load data into the sink. The course will introduce Azure Databricks and help explore its evolution and purpose. Candidates will learn to deploy JOB written to process data into a spark cluster, perform automated deployment, and much more. As prerequisites to enrolling for this course, candidates must have a basic understanding of data science and data engineering and a computer with an internet connection.

In addition to these top-rated certifications, EC-Council offers several other certifications that introduce you to various aspects and domains of cloud security.

For more information, visit: CodeRed

Free Cybersecurity Courses at EC-Council CodeRed

With EC-Council’s CodeRed cybersecurity library, you can access 20+ free cybersecurity courses. These training certifications are curated to make you stand out from peers in domains like ethical hacking, programming, advanced penetration testing, and digital forensics.

Check out the free courses below:

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Foundry. (2022, April 6). Cloud computing executive summary 2022.

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