A Introduction to PCI – DSS

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Peter Segalini- Director Pepsico

Name: Peter Segalini, CISM, GRCP, GSCL, PCIP and Former Director Pepsico
Topic: An Introduction to PCI – DSS
Date of Webinar: 28th November, 2018
Time and Location: 8AM CST/ 7:30PM IST/ 4PM GMT

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Speaker Bio: Peter Segalini is an information security and technology professional with a career spanning over 25 years in multiple industries.  Throughout his career, he has developed extensive leadership and hands-on experience in architecting solutions, developing security strategies, implementing policies and standards, managing risk and compliance, responding to cybersecurity incidents, and implementing complex IT systems. Peter’s passion for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of corporate systems has given him a solid track record of implementing a wide range of security technologies and identifying, assessing, measuring, monitoring, and mitigate regulatory, financial, operational, and technology-related risks.

Currently, Peter is an independent consultant helping provide clients with security advisory services and solution designs for needed improvements.  Previously, Peter served as Director of Information Security at PepsiCo and Manager of ERP services at Deloitte and Touche.

Topic Abstract: With high profile data breaches still prevalent and ever-changing threat landscapes, it is vital to understand the PCI security standards and how it impacts your corporation. This webinar also elaborates on what compliance means, the history of the PCI standard, and why a corporation must comply. The agenda for this presentation is as follows:

  • Awareness of the Principles of PCI DSS Standards
  • Understanding PCI DSS 3.2 requirements
  • Overview of basic payment industry terminology
  • Understanding the transaction flow
  • Implementing a risk-based prioritized approach
  • Steps to onboard stakeholders
  • Appropriate uses of compensating controls and mitigation
  • Working with third-parties and service providers

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