Behind the Cyber Shield: A Veteran CISO’s Perspective 

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Date: June 28, 2024
Time: 8:00 AM CDT | 9:00 AM EDT | 6:30 PM IST
Topic: Behind the Cyber Shield: A Veteran CISO’s Perspective

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Abstract: The role of a CISO has become more crucial and challenging in the rapidly evolving threat landscape. As cyber threats become more sophisticated and persistent, the demand for effective leadership and resilience has increased. In an environment that is not only plagued with constant threats but also requires ongoing efforts to mitigate them, one might wonder if the skills and fortitude developed through military experience could be transferred to the cybersecurity domain. This webinar presents a veteran’s unique insights and perspectives as a security leader. From understanding threats from a tactical perspective to managing a security team to functioning cohesively even in a challenging environment, this webinar highlights the experiences of a veteran-turned-CISO, sharing how he transformed these challenges into opportunities for growth and success. Join us as he shares his journey of transforming his experiences from military service into a successful cybersecurity career.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Insights into the journey from military personnel to security leader
  • Similarity between military and cybersecurity skills (tactics, teamwork, and work ethics)
  • Building and leading effective cybersecurity teams
  • Ways to build and lead cohesive cybersecurity teams
  • Perspective on challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity
  • Real-world case studies where a veteran’s experience made a difference

Ricoh Ricoh Danielson, CISO

Bio: Ricoh Danielson has extensive experience in handling cyber incident response, cyber security, information security, privacy, and compliance. He is a digital forensics expert for criminal and civil cases and has handled cyber incidents for major world-renowned healthcare, financial, and retail firms. Ricoh is a graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, UCLA, and the University of Arizona. He is also a US Army combat veteran.

  • Incident Response: 10 years of incident response expertise for major newsworthy breaches
  • Digital Forensics: 15 years of digital forensics expertise for criminal and civil cases
  • Legal: 15 years representing digital evidence in courts
  • Media: 5 years as a cyber security media expert consultant

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