Incident Response in a distributed workforce using Cloud Forensics

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Michael Weeks

Speaker Michael Weeks,
Designation: Lead Incident Response Engineer at FICO
Topic: Incident Response in a distributed workforce using Cloud Forensics
Date of Webinar: 07th Apr, 2020
Time and Location: 9:00 am CDT/ 7:30 pm IST/ 03:00 pm BST

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Speaker Bio:
Michael Weeks is currently working as the SOC and Incident Response Lead at Fair Isaac Corporation. He leads a highly technical team of Analysts, Developers, and Incident Handlers in the daily monitoring of cybersecurity events for FICO. A graduate of the SANS Technology Institute Master of Science in Information Security Engineering Program and certified GIAC Security Expert, as well as a host of other SANS Certifications and the CISSP from ISC2. Michael is also a Chief Master Sergeant with the United States Air Force Reserve working in the 960th Cyber Operations Group as a Cyber Warfare Operator. The greatest privilege is the ability to mentor future cyber operators in hopes that they can help solve the many problems in cybersecurity.

Topic Abstract:
Cloud architecture has provided flexibility and agility to organizations and developers not yet seen before. Cyber Security practitioners must evolve to meet and operate at these speeds and utilize the same tools and techniques that DevOps engineers utilize to move at the speed that cloud computing provides. While architecture and design are critical to cloud security – it could be argued that Incident Response is an incredible enabler for continuous development and freedom of action for businesses to innovate. The ability to orchestrate monitoring and provide incident response actions in case any events require response actions. Also, the ability to scale automatically as well as orchestration of storage options provides an untold capability to respond at the speed of code/business. Utilizing – infrastructure as code enables an incident responder to ensure to contain, isolate, gather information, and recover in minutes rather than the usual days for incident response in production environments.

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