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Dr. Merrick Watchorn

Name: Dr. Merrick Watchorn (DMIST, Sr. Executive Director, ManTech, & Quantum Security Alliance, Program Chair)  
Topic: Cloud Security & Supply Chain
Date of Webinar: 28th February, 2019
Time and Location: 8:00am EST

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Speaker Bio: Dr. Merrick S. Watchorn, DMIST provides support to ManTech International to include cybersecurity, cloud computing, services, architectures, vendor selections, trade studies, and team training. He has developed enhanced research capabilities to solve Hadoop based problems coupled with Open Source technologies. A high energy, fiscally conscious, and goal-driven technology cloud subject matter expert. Approaches life and business challenges with an intrinsic flair for innovation, creativity, critical problem solving, and an ardent desire to enhance and protect the bottom line of his clients. Possess solid expertise in the full spectrum of program management, system development life cycle, and integration and implementation standards.

Topic Abstract: The daily trials and tribulations of a modern cyber-threat landscape requires that senior executive leadership content with a never-ending supply of threats, investments and decisions. This presentation will explore, how Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management and Cloud Security share a duality of responsibility for protecting corporate and client information. The selection of security products that aid in mitigation of a known security-threat and increase compliance standards as part of a Continuous Diagnostic and Monitoring (CDM) also requires that each element of the supply chain be vetted. The introduction of a poorly designed security product may cause more problems than it could solve, thus the Cyber Order of Operations and Methodology (COoOM) provides an internal scoring system to predict that validity of a given security product to determine if the solution mitigates a trust boundary security control to the assessment level to enhance the security posture, which is a must in the emerging threat landscape.

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