Cybersecurity and theHacking Paradigm

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Chanel Suggs

Name: Chanel Suggs, Duchess of Cybersecurity®
Topic: Cybersecurity and the hacking paradigm
Date of Webinar: 18th April, 2019
Time and Location: 10:00 am EST/ 7:30pm IST/ 3pm GMT

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Speaker Bio: Dr. Chanel Suggs (Duchess of Cybersecurity ®) is the Founder and CEO of Wyvern Security.
She is a subject matter expert in Cyber Security, Forensics, Network Security, Cryptography, Information Assurance, and IT strategy. Dr. Suggs is a proven thought leader, entrepreneur and influencer whom advises clients regarding their security posture and works with clients to uncover and identify new and emerging threats. Dr. Suggs has been noted as being icon for her works within the cybersecurity community. Dr. Suggs is a distinguished professor and speaker on cybersecurity, forensics, hacking and cryptography. She has an extensive background in managing, designing, implementing, and assessing cyber security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. She was awarded 6 certifications through the National Security Agency (NSA) and Committee on National Security Systems (CNSSI).

Topic Abstract: An introduction to cybersecurity and hacking paradigm as it relates to education.

*Examples, analysis, views and opinion shared by the speakers are personal and not endorsed by EC-Council or their respective employer(s)

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