Modern CISO Challenges: Fostering a Security Culture in Global Organizations

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Date: December 14, 2023
Time: 9.00 AM EST | 3.00 PM CET | 7:30 PM IST
Topic: Modern CISO Challenges: Fostering a Security Culture in Global Organizations
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Abstract: Multicultural teams are crucial in the current business environment, which transcends geographical boundaries but also comes with distinctive challenges. The modern chief information security officer (CISO) faces a daunting task in navigating the intricate landscape of building a robust cybersecurity culture within global organizations. As technology advances, CISOs grapple with diverse challenges, including fostering awareness, aligning security goals with business objectives, and adapting to varying cultural contexts.

Erin Meyer’s widely recognized theory—the culture map—offers a valuable framework for navigating cultural complexity while conducting global business. Based on this framework, CISOs should adapt their leadership styles to understand and overcome the cultural differences within their teams, which can present challenges in areas like communication, time management, workplace standards, decision-making, and problem-solving. This webinar highlights how a CISO can become a cultural architect, orchestrating a cohesive cybersecurity culture across multinational teams.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the role of a CISO in the modern threat landscape
  • Recognizing the challenges of building a strong cybersecurity culture
  • Understanding the responsibilities of a CISO in fostering a balanced work environment
  • Steps to build a healthy security culture in an organization


george-dobreaGeorge Dobrea, Co-founder and CEO of XEDUCO Institute

Co-founder and CEO of XEDUCO Institute, George Dobrea is a cybersecurity expert and a well-known technical instructor with over 35 years of business experience delivering consulting services and training programs to military, commercial, and public organizations in 30+ countries.

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