My Cybersecurity Trek: For the Next Generation

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Sherry Naleszkiewicz

Speaker Sherry Naleszkiewicz,
Designation: Sr. Manager, Cybersecurity Audit at McKesson
Topic: My Cybersecurity Trek: For the Next Generation
Date of Webinar: 19th Mar, 2020
Time and Location: 11:00 am EDT/ 08:30 pm IST/ 03:00 pm GMT

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Speaker Bio:

As Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Audit in McKesson’s Internal Audit department, Sherry plans and manages the global cybersecurity audit program using a risk-based approach. Before McKesson, Sherry worked for CBS Corp and developed the Enterprise Security Services and Database Services teams as Director. She has over 20 years of expertise as a leader in IT and Cybersecurity and now focuses on encouraging, mentoring, and supporting women interested in cybersecurity through her work as a board member for Women Driving Innovation and McKesson’s employee resource group, Outstanding Women Network (OWN IT).

Topic Abstract:

Cybersecurity is a challenging and rewarding career with many diverse roles and opportunities. Many graduating college students and transitioning colleagues ask me how they can start a career in cybersecurity. I believe anyone can find a passion for cybersecurity and a path that will lead them there.

My journey started with a traditional computer science degree and a typical software engineering career. It was shaped over time by the technical and business challenges I encountered. These technical topics will include endpoint security and access management. By leveraging my growing expertise in cybersecurity as part of my IT roles, I found myself naturally transitioning into a cybersecurity professional. This presentation will focus on some of those experiences and cybersecurity concepts to highlight how rewarding a career in cybersecurity is.

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