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Name: Sameera De Alwis, Military Cyber Intelligence and Lawful Interception Expert Topic: THE BIGGEST CYBER HAWK AND PRYING EYE THREATS TO THE WORLD Date of Webinar: 31st October 2018 Time and Location: 4pm SLST/10:30 am GMT/ 6:30 pm SGT Watch Now Speaker Bio: Although, my life portraying manifold status of tech and non-tech fortes, I am exceptionally a High-Tech Cyber Intelligence Specialist and Lawful Interception Expert employed for a Classified Special Military/Defense Force and Command & Control Center in a Secret-Service agency (somewhere in the world indeed). Also, I am a top-ranking Senior Lecturer for quite a lot of highest standing worldwide Universities for the subjects of Information Security, Online Privacy, Cyber/Digital Forensics, and Cyber Security. And, a high-level Senior Cyber-Intelligence and Reverse Engineering Expert Consultant for numerous Fortune 500 companies in the world. I am here at this peak of the world, only because of my poor ever-loving mother who lost her innocent soul back in dark-eve 2007 September and the true gratitude should be only with my ever-loving parents and my dearest teachers who gave my utterly exceptional life. Well, that’s me and myself. Topic Abstract: This talk will elaborate on state-sponsored warrantless wiretapping and government mass surveillance over the lawful interception. This exceptionally sporadic topic evidently vowing the PoC for the nutshell theory of Glenn Greenwald’s “NO PLACE TO HIDE” vouched over his authored book. I am demonstrating the true impact of the Lawful Cyber-Espionages and many other Top-Secret Covert Cyber Associated Intelligence Eagle-Eye campaigns that persistently lead by the worldwide authoritative governments with the reputed sources. The evidence only based on every publically available verified source and every document is redacted by the specified responsible parties. This incredibly challenging topic discussed only by few experts in the world due to its sensitive nature and the lack of the spot-on knowledge with regards to the Top-Secret Covert Cyber Operations, inadequate knowledge in Military/Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies, and mostly the natural anxiety factor of the human being. Only more than a few brave souls openly addressed these factual in the past. In this demonstration, I am only relying on the publicly available source of evidence and that academically putative evidence are all lawfully acknowledged by those who responsible for their own actions over the world’s cyber spectrum.

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