What Makes Web Applications Desirable For Hackers — How To Protect Yours

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Jaime Manteiga

Name: Jaime Manteiga, CTO at Venkon
Topic: What Makes Web Applications Desirable For Hackers — How To Protect Yours
Date of Webinar: 7th December, 2018
Time and Location: 8am Eastern Time/ 6:30pm IST/ 1pm GMT

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Speaker Bio: Jaime Manteiga is a dynamic Information Security Professional and Researcher who assists organizations across the world by improving their information security posture and cybersecurity challenges. Additionally, Jaime Manteiga as an Information Security Researcher holds public recognition from organizations such as Tesla, Shopify, United Airlines and Spotify for helping them to identify and mitigate information security flaws.

Topic Abstract:
For years’ unethical hackers have preferred Web Applications as the favourite pattern of attack. In this webinar, we will take a look inside the mind of an attacker — including uncovering their motivation and hacking techniques. Web Applications become compromised all the time; additionally, organizations seem to be repeating mistakes when it comes to application security. This webinar will serve as a baseline to establish appropriate web information security controls and mitigation strategies by thinking like an unethical hacker.

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