Understanding, Preventing, and Mitigating Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous cyber attacks, which aims to capitalize on the victim’s gullibility and maximize profits by exploiting their access security. Ransomware criminals go to great lengths to thwart organizations and pose risks to different elements of security systems, especially IT networks, databases, and Cloud platforms. Information is intelligence, and cyber…

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How Organizations Are Handling the Cloud Security Skills Gap in 2023

EC-Council’s latest whitepaper, “How Organizations Are Handling the Cloud Security Skills Gap in 2023,” authored by Kimberly Mentzell, Cybersecurity Program Manager at the Maryland Department of Commerce, provides valuable insights into the current state of cloud security skills gap and how organizations are addressing this challenge. The whitepaper highlights that cloud adoption has accelerated rapidly…

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Disseminating Cyberthreat Intelligence to Enhance Information Security

EC-Council’s whitepaper, “Disseminating Cyberthreat Intelligence to Enhance Information Security,” authored by Susan Villaquiral Cortés, CISO and COO at ArkNova SAS, focuses on the importance of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) in improving information security posture. The whitepaper aims to provide a comprehensive guide to organizations on implementing a CTI program and sharing CTI with the broader…

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