Cloud Security: A Comprehensive Survey of Challenges and Trends

In contemporary business operations, cloud computing has become an essential aspect that offers remarkable advantages in terms of flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. However, this shift towards cloud-based systems has also scaled the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches, highlighting the need for robust cloud security measures. In response to this growing concern, EC-Council has released a comprehensive survey on cloud security, authored by Dr. Shekhar Pawar, the inventor of Business Domain Specific Least Cybersecurity Controls Implementation (BDSLCCI) at SecureClaw.

This whitepaper This whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the current cloud security challenges and trends and practical advice on how to address them. It covers various topics, including the risks associated with cloud deployment models, the importance of cloud security governance, and the need for practical threat intelligence and incident response capabilities.

One of the key takeaways from the whitepaper is that while cloud providers are responsible for securing the underlying infrastructure, customers are responsible for ensuring their data and applications. This means that organizations must clearly understand their security responsibilities when using cloud services and proactively manage their cloud security risks.

The whitepaper also highlights the importance of implementing security controls such as encryption, access controls, and monitoring to protect against data breaches, insider threats, and account hijacking. In addition, it emphasizes the need for cloud security governance frameworks that can help organizations to manage their cloud security risks and comply with relevant regulations and standards.

Overall, EC-Council’s whitepaper provides valuable insights and guidance on how organizations can better protect themselves in the cloud. By adopting the best practices and strategies outlined in the whitepaper, organizations can minimize their cloud security risks and maximize the benefits of cloud computing.

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About the Author

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Dr. Shekhar Pawar

CEO, SecureClaw Inc. and GrassDew IT Solutions

Dr. Shekhar Pawar is the CEO of SecureClaw Inc., DE, USA, and has Ph.D. in cybersecurity from SSBM, Geneva, Switzerland. He has years of proven experience in security audit and also has worked with developing software solutions for IT and cybersecurity requirements. Dr. Pawar has proven experience working with capability maturity model integration (CMMI) for qualitative analysis and improvement of the security team’s performance and has authored the book “Air Team Theory.” He also has experience in software development and management in other technologies, including telecommunications, database administration, blockchain, etc., which allows him to extend his research efforts to find optimal solutions for cybersecurity issues through interdisciplinary means. Dr. Shekhar Pawar’s interest in research and continuous learning can be observed by the numerous certifications he has obtained, some of which include Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI), ISO 27001 – Lead Auditor, PCI DSS Implementer, Diploma in Cyber Laws, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and Certified Blockchain Developer, amongst others.
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