Experts Insights: Strengthening Your DevSecOps with Web Application Security Testing

Strengthening DevSecOps with web application security testing is crucial in today’s digital landscape. DevSecOps integrates security at every stage of the development pipeline, and application security testing is the most crucial part of the process. Security testing involves assessing applications for vulnerabilities, ensuring that security is not an afterthought but an integral part of the…

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Guarding Your Business: Ransomware Security and Data Recovery

Protecting your digital assets and information against the growing ransomware threat is crucial in the current digital and security landscape. The ever-evolving sophistication of cyber threats, particularly ransomware attacks, poses a significant risk to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These businesses, often with limited IT resources, face daunting challenges when protecting their critical data and…

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IoT Security: Safeguarding Critical Networks Against Digital Assaults

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized various industries in today’s interconnected world, enabling smart homes, autonomous vehicles, and advanced industrial systems. However, with the tremendous increase in the quantity of IoT devices, the security of these devices and corresponding networks has become a significant concern. This blog aims to explore the significance of IoT security while briefly covering a few of the significant concerns that threaten data security in these networks. Furthermore, we provide insights into safeguarding critical networks against digital assaults.

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Crack Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs with No Experience
Securing ERP Systems: Strategies & Threats in Modern Business Operations

As organizations transition to the most up-to-date ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, they must address security oversights. ERP systems encompass various elements in manufacturing, human resource, supply chain, procurement, inventory, and other departments. By consolidating business processes into integrated systems, ERP systems enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency, automation, and insight across their operations. However,…

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Phishing Outlook 2023: Statistics, Real-Life Incidents, and Best Practices

In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, phishing attacks have emerged as a significant and deceptive threat, exploiting the human element and posing a challenge to organizations. In EC-Council’s latest whitepaper titled “Phishing Outlook 2023: Statistics, Real-Life Incidents, and Best Practices,” authored by Graham Thomson, CISO at Irwin Mitchell, we delve into some of the most…

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Expert Insights: AI in Cybersecurity: Enhancing Defense Mechanisms and Regulations Amid Evolving Threats

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools have become prevalent in the cybersecurity landscape. AI-powered tools are crucial in identifying cyberattacks, mitigating future threats, automating security operations, and identifying potential risks. On the one hand, introducing AI in the global cybersecurity industry has led to the automation of various tasks. Still, on the other hand, it has…

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Safeguarding IoT Devices: Effective Penetration Testing Methods for Enhanced Security

EC-Council’s latest whitepaper, titled “Safeguarding IoT Devices: Effective Penetration Testing Methods for Enhanced Security,” authored by Tim Chase, Global Field CISO at Lacework, delves into the critical need for robust security measures to protect IoT (Internet of Things) devices. As the proliferation of connected devices continues to grow, securing IoT environments becomes paramount to mitigate…

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Getting Started with Snort IDS: Examining The Pros and Cons for Maximizing Network Security

EC-Council’s latest whitepaper, titled “Getting Started with Snort IDS: Examining The Pros and Cons for Maximizing Network Security,” authored by Michael Messuri, a Cyber Forensics Engineer at Praetorian Standard, Inc., addresses the significance of Snort IDS (Intrusion Detection System) in enhancing network security. In today’s digital landscape, where organizations face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, it…

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Securing Your Cloud Environment: A Guide to Network Security in Virtualized IT Environments

In today’s technology-driven world, organizations are increasingly relying on cloud computing to streamline their operations, enhance scalability, and reduce costs. However, the shift to virtualized IT environments brings along new security challenges that must be addressed effectively. This abstract provides an overview of EC-Council’s latest whitepaper, “Securing Your Cloud Environment: A Guide to Network Security…

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The Rise of Rootkit Malware: Understanding the Threat and How to Detect It

Hackers are constantly seeking innovative approaches to breach computer systems and extract confidential information, and among their most hazardous weapons is malware known as rootkits. Rootkits can provide attackers with complete control over a compromised system, allowing them to carry out a wide range of nefarious activities undetected. To help organizations defend against this threat,…

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