Phishing Outlook 2023: Statistics, Real-Life Incidents, and Best Practices

In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, phishing attacks have emerged as a significant and deceptive threat, exploiting the human element and posing a challenge to organizations. In EC-Council’s latest whitepaper titled “Phishing Outlook 2023: Statistics, Real-Life Incidents, and Best Practices,” authored by Graham Thomson, CISO at Irwin Mitchell, we delve into some of the most notorious email phishing incidents of the 21st century. By analyzing these incidents, we identify where companies faltered and provide insights on how they could better protect themselves.

This comprehensive whitepaper guides organizations, offering valuable best practices and insights to bolster their cybersecurity defenses against phishing attacks. It explores various phishing incidents from the 21st century that have significantly impacted the cybersecurity and digital landscape. By examining real-world case studies and industry trends, the whitepaper sheds light on the vulnerabilities that inspire phishing attacks and their impact on organizations and offers actionable recommendations to mitigate such risks.

Graham Thomson, a highly esteemed industry expert with extensive experience in information security, shares his valuable insights in this whitepaper. He emphasizes the role of social media in phishing attempts and the importance of security awareness in recognizing and avoiding phishing scams.

Furthermore, the whitepaper delves into critical strategies employed by cybercriminals, such as cryptocurrency usage, giveaways, quizzes, and exploiting customer support as vectors for mounting phishing attacks. It provides a detailed report on different types of phishing, their trends, and their impact on information security.

In conclusion, “Phishing Outlook 2023: Statistics, Real-Life Incidents, and Best Practices Securing the Future of Finance: Top Cybersecurity Best Practices for Financial Institutions” is an indispensable resource for organizations aiming to protect their assets, customers, and reputation in the face of evolving phishing threats. By implementing the recommended best practices outlined in this whitepaper, businesses can enhance their cybersecurity posture and establish a robust defense against potential cyber-attacks.

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About the Author

Graham Thomson

CISO, Irwin Mitchell

Graham J. Thomson is a Partner and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with a proven track record in innovative information and cyber security leadership. With experience across multiple industries, he excels in creating risk-based security frameworks. Graham is a recognized thought leader in the field, dedicated to blending modern security theory with practical experience. Currently serving as CISO for Irwin Mitchell, he leads all aspects of information and cyber security while also spearheading their client-facing cyber audit practice. Graham volunteers for TechVets, bridges veterans into IT careers, and is a member of advisory boards for EC-Council and the Cyber Resilience Centre. With exceptional leadership and strategic thinking, Graham empowers businesses to operate securely.
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