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US DoD Recognizes CND for 10 Major Job Billets across the Defense Cyber Workforce (DCWF)
Is CEH Worth It?

A globally recognized cybersecurity certification can be worth itfor a few key reasons including jump-starting your career, helping you achieve career growth, helping you develop cybersecurity skills and often leads to job promotions and salary increases.

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Crack Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs with No Experience
The Complete Guide to Types of Malware and Prevention Techniques

Introduction What is malware, and what are the different types of malware attacks? Malware (“malicious software”) refers to any software application intended to cause harm or damage to a computer system or environment. Cybercriminals may create and distribute malware for multiple reasons, such as stealing confidential data, gaining unauthorized access to a device or network,…

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What is Steganography in Cybersecurity? Meaning & Types
A Guide to Steganography: Meaning, Types, Tools, & Techniques

From invisible ink to highly complex algorithms, steganography is all around us. Steganography is a fascinating and often misunderstood technique of concealing information, and it has experienced a revival in the digital world. This article discusses everything you need to know about steganography and its applications in cybersecurity: the definition of steganography and various steganography…

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What is Spear Phishing
What Is Spear Phishing? Examples, Types, Prevention, and More 

Spear phishing is one of the biggest cybersecurity threats that organizations must know. According to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report (ISRT), 65% of threat actors have used spear phishing emails to attack. Deloitte estimates that 91% of successful cyberattacks begin with a phishing email. So, what is spear phishing, and how can you best protect…

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What Is System Hacking in Ethical Hacking
What is System Hacking? Definition, Types and Processes

In the popular imagination, the term “hacking” is synonymous with system hacking, a growing concern in cybersecurity. While malicious actors try to break into a computer system, their ethical hacker counterparts work with companies to stop these attackers in their tracks. This article will discuss everything you need to know, including the definition of system…

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What is a CTF in Cybersecurity
C|EH Compete (CTF) A Practice Ground for Ethical Hackers

The newly launched version of EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v12) is upgraded with a new learning framework that aims to provide candidates with holistic training and an interactive way to learn ethical hacking. It consists of four main pillars: Learn, Certify, Engage, and Compete. Just like athletes need to practice and compete in events…

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C|EH Opens Doors to Multiple Job Roles
CEH Prepares You for Multiple Cybersecurity Jobs and Roles 

Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) is a qualification offered by EC-Council that is considered an entry-level certification in cybersecurity. C|EH training covers a range of topics, from penetration testing to forensic investigations, and can lead to a number of different job roles in the cybersecurity field. Is a Career in Cybersecurity in Demand? Cybersecurity is one…

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Cybersecurity Definition & Meaning
What is Cyber Security? Definition, Meaning, and Purpose

As we progress in our digitalization, the chances of becoming a target to damaging cyberattacks increases. While there is no way to stop the occurrence, staying vigilant and adopting a holistic security approach is key to surviving the attacks. The evolving threat landscape today emphasizes the need to analyze and dive deep into the core of cybersecurity, its evolution, and its role in preventing cyberattacks. So, what is cybersecurity, and why is it so important today? This article will discuss everything you must know about cybersecurity: what it is all about, its importance and benefits, the best career opportunities in the domain, and more.

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