Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Prevent Social Engineering Attacks
How Can Penetration Testing Prevent Social Engineering Attacks?

Sensitive information is everywhere, from the databases of the world’s largest corporations to the social media pages of everyday individuals. Cybercriminals actively seek to acquire this data through social engineering techniques. Since successful cyberattacks can be extremely costly for organizations, it’s essential to understand how to combat social engineering tactics. Read on to learn more…

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Advanced Penetration Testing Techniques
Learn Advanced Penetration Testing Techniques in the CPENT Course

Cybersecurity has become critical as the need to protect digital infrastructure, personal data, and business operations grows. Cybersecurity professionals are always in demand, but to stay ahead of the curve, they need to keep up with the latest technologies, including advanced penetration testing techniques. This article will discuss some of the next-generation penetration testing techniques…

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Career in Penetration Testing
Five Reasons a Career in Penetration Testing Is the Next Big Thing

Penetration testing is an extremely rewarding career path for cybersecurity professionals, offering fulfilling salaries and outstanding job security. Demand for penetration testers has remained high as multiple high-profile cybersecurity incidents have made their way into headlines in recent years—for example, when Russian hackers breached the software company SolarWinds and when the Chinese hacking group Hafnium…

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What Is Penetration Testing Types and Strategic Approaches
What Is Penetration Testing? Strategic Approaches and Types

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are facing the challenge of optimizing their security infrastructures. Due to the widespread shift to remote work, more business data than ever travels through cloud services (Sumina, 2021), and employees are using personal devices and home Wi-Fi networks for business more frequently (Kiernan, 2021). As the need…

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