September 7, 2023

Crack Entry Level Cybersecurity Jobs with No Experience
Securing ERP Systems: Strategies & Threats in Modern Business Operations

| Vinjaram Prajapati| Netwrok Security As organizations transition to the most up-to-date ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, they must address security oversights. ERP systems encompass various elements in manufacturing, human resource, supply chain, procurement, inventory, and other departments. By consolidating business processes into integrated systems, ERP systems enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency, automation, and…

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Decoding Cybersecurity 2023: An In-Depth Chat with CISO Graham Thomson

| Graham Thomson| Cybersecurity In the ever-dynamic domain of modern-day threat landscapes, the conventional approach to security is limited and needs transformation using the infusion of intelligence from security data nodes, accompanied by an exceptional degree of agility. A swift and resolute trajectory for agile security has to be charted to help steer cyber security capabilities…

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Integrating Security into the CI/CD Pipeline

Date: September 7, 2023 Time: 2:00 PM WAT | 7:00 PM MDT | 3:00 PM CEST | 6:30 PM IST Topic: Integrating Security into the CI/CD Pipeline Watch Now Abstract: The CI/CD pipeline plays a crucial role in streamlining and automating various stages of application development, such as compiling, testing, analysis, security, deployment, and packaging.…

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