January 17, 2024

C|PENT vs. OSCP vs. Pentest+ 

Penetration testing is the act of simulating cyberattacks against an IT system, network, or application by probing for and exploiting its vulnerabilities. Many pen testers have entered the field by receiving a penetration testing certification, leading to comparisons such as C|PENT vs. OSCP or CPENT vs. Pentest+. Penetration testers need to acquire skills and experience…

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Why Your Next Career Move Should be Penetration Testing 

Cybersecurity is a highly promising career choice today, with a growing demand for information security professionals. This industry offers many opportunities, especially in various specialized cybersecurity roles, including that of ethical hackers and pen testers, that organizations actively seek. With the significance of pen testing gaining prominence, choosing this field or making a switch can…

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