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Securing ERP Systems: Strategies & Threats in Modern Business Operations

| Vinjaram Prajapati| Netwrok Security As organizations transition to the most up-to-date ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, they must address security oversights. ERP systems encompass various elements in manufacturing, human resource, supply chain, procurement, inventory, and other departments. By consolidating business processes into integrated systems, ERP systems enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency, automation, and…

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Getting Started with Snort IDS: Examining The Pros and Cons for Maximizing Network Security

EC-Council’s latest whitepaper, titled “Getting Started with Snort IDS: Examining The Pros and Cons for Maximizing Network Security,” authored by Michael Messuri, a Cyber Forensics Engineer at Praetorian Standard, Inc., addresses the significance of Snort IDS (Intrusion Detection System) in enhancing network security. In today’s digital landscape, where organizations face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, it…

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Securing Your Cloud Environment: A Guide to Network Security in Virtualized IT Environments

In today’s technology-driven world, organizations are increasingly relying on cloud computing to streamline their operations, enhance scalability, and reduce costs. However, the shift to virtualized IT environments brings along new security challenges that must be addressed effectively. This abstract provides an overview of EC-Council’s latest whitepaper, “Securing Your Cloud Environment: A Guide to Network Security…

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The Rise of Rootkit Malware: Understanding the Threat and How to Detect It

Hackers are constantly seeking innovative approaches to breach computer systems and extract confidential information, and among their most hazardous weapons is malware known as rootkits. Rootkits can provide attackers with complete control over a compromised system, allowing them to carry out a wide range of nefarious activities undetected. To help organizations defend against this threat,…

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