What CISOs Need to Know About API Vulnerability Testing and Security

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are critical to business processes; however, data privacy, integrity, and trust can be jeopardized when businesses use APIs. In addition to violating the General Data Protection Regulation, security breaches can harm companies and their customers. Businesses undergoing digital transformations, in particular, tend to use more APIs, which, if not tested and…

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Penetration Testing Methodologies for Cloud Applications

EC-Council’s whitepaper on Penetration Testing Methodologies for Cloud Applications, authored by Mirza Khasim, Senior Principal IT Security Analyst at Oracle, delves into the importance of conducting regular penetration testing of cloud-based applications to identify potential security vulnerabilities and mitigate them before malicious actors can exploit them. The whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the various…

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Guide to Current Web Application Penetration Testing Practices

Web application penetration testing is one of the most popular strategies deployed by organizations to conduct a thorough evaluation of a company’s security posture. It is done by performing real-time simulations of how attacks are carried out, giving end-users a perspective on how to gain unauthorized access to their sensitive information. Penetration testing can help…

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