Web Application Security Strategy

Web applications are central to business operations and user experience development across many industries today. As web-based applications become more popular, so too do vulnerabilities that can compromise these systems. Websites and web applications have become a growing resource for businesses to share their activities across platforms, improving the user experience. But these applications can…

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Penetration Testing Methodologies for Cloud Applications

EC-Council’s whitepaper on Penetration Testing Methodologies for Cloud Applications, authored by Mirza Khasim, Senior Principal IT Security Analyst at Oracle, delves into the importance of conducting regular penetration testing of cloud-based applications to identify potential security vulnerabilities and mitigate them before malicious actors can exploit them. The whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the various…

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Guide to Current Web Application Penetration Testing Practices

Web application penetration testing is one of the most popular strategies deployed by organizations to conduct a thorough evaluation of a company’s security posture. It is done by performing real-time simulations of how attacks are carried out, giving end-users a perspective on how to gain unauthorized access to their sensitive information. Penetration testing can help…

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