January 27, 2023

EC-Council Announces 2022 Academia Award Winning Cybersecurity Instructors

Nation’s Top Cybersecurity Instructors Discuss Evolution of Teaching, the Cyber Jobs Gap, and Diversity TAMPA, Fla, Jan. 12, 2023– EC-Council announced today its 2022 Academia award winning instructors of the year. The five honored instructors include a diverse group of teachers from academic institutions of higher education across the United States, chosen from over 500…

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EC-Council Announces 2022 Academia Award Winning Cybersecurity Institutions in North America

Awards Recognize Successful College and University Programs Certifying and Graduating Work-Ready Students TAMPA, Fla, Jan. 26, 2023–Today EC-Council announced its Academia award winning institutions from 2022. The eight honored institutions include leading college and university cybersecurity programs with a track record of providing a rigorous, hands-on cybersecurity education program to diverse communities of students. Award…

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