QUARTER 1 March 2024

Nidhish Nair

Trained by
Sysap Technologies (Knowledgecity Infotech)

Snehil Kumar

Amity University
Trained by

Moe Maung

Trained by

Adebimpe Ibironke

Cybersecurity Consultant Cloud Architect/Digital Forensic/Malware Analyst

Biitech Solutions
Trained by
Upgraded Era

Kaung San

Trained by

Priya Anoop

Cyber Security Analyst
Trained by

Sai Pradeep Alavala

Security Analyst
Trained by
Hacker School (A Subsidiary of Cartel Software Pvt. Ltd.)

Raj Chaulagain

Compliance Associate
Codavatar Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Trained by

Brajesh Singh

Trained by
Craw Cyber Security Pvt Ltd

Samarpit Pandey

Trained by

How To Feature On The Leader Board

To feature on the leaderboard, you will have to pass both, the C|EH knowledge-based MCQ (v8 and above) and the C|EH Practical exam, thereby attaining the C|EH (Master) credential. Scoring is based on the marks obtained and time taken to pass the exam. EFFICIENCY IS THE KEY.

Simply put, the faster and more accurate you are, the better your C|EH (Master) score is bound to be. Since the C|EH (Master) credential is a validation of ethical hacking prowess of a candidate, more weightage is given to the practical exam, due to its 6 hour rigorous challenge, which actually puts a candidate through a live security audit challenge, as if they were an ethical hacker on the job. We have incorporated weighted scoring components comprised of both score and time to complete to derive our scoreboard leaders. Our leaderboard algorithm calculates 4 elements, Scores earned in both the C|EH knowledge exam and the C|EH Practical, as well as time to complete on both exams. Because this is the C|EH Master Leaderboard, we hold a higher weightage on the Practical Score than on the Knowledge exam score. Actual leaderboard algorithm weightage is as follows. MCQ Score =28.6% MCQ Time = 14.29% Practical Score = 42.86% Practical Time = 14.29% (Note: Placement on the CEH Master Leaderboard has no bearing on certification status, pass or fail, candidates appearing on the leaderboard achieved a combination of the highest scores possible in the fastest time possible in comparison to other C|EH Masters appearing on the Leaderboard) Being featured on the Global Ethical Hacking leaderboard is a privilege. Members receive wide coverage and cognizance from the cybersecurity community. You have now set the bar and it just got higher! To speak to our specialized career consultant on how to feature on the leaderboard


Interview With Alessandro Rizzolini

I work for a smart-metering company. We produce electricity meters and develop firm- and software. In Switzerland, we have a new law that all intelligent meters must meet. It is about the security and integrity of the devices. This was when I decided that I should pursue cybersecurity as a career.

As the C|EH is a more theoretical exam, it was clear to me that I also want to achieve the more practical master’s exam. The C|EH is the first step that I made for my long-term goal: the LPT. I am now training for the E|CSA and E|CSA Practical exams.

I learned tons of things! A lot of essential tools for security testing. This included the whole chain of information gathering, scanning, enumeration, exploitation, and so forth. It was amusing.

It was nice to see that the iLabs had more to provide. It is an excellent platform for exercising with the tools. Also, the technical support from the EC-Councils support team was exceptional.

NMAP, NMAP, NMAP! I use it every day. It is so powerful and easy to use once you know the parameters. Other tools are MSF console, Nikto, and many more.
Just start and do it! Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Read a lot of online material, books, and watch a lot of online videos. Then begin to exercise in your lab, the private home network.

I would not exclude that I will go for some other certification when I have achieved the L|PT. But for the moment, the EC-Council provides step-by-step certification. I have time. I can do everything at my pace. And it fits perfectly into my working- and family life.

I did learn a lot, and I am still at the very beginning, in my opinion. I get great support from EC-Council. I feel more confident in topics about cybersecurity. It is a fascinating field of IT and Technology. I love it. With over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, I am still hungry to learn more every single day.

Interview With Chelson Chong

I got into cybersecurity as a career due to sheer curiosity and passion for Digital Forensics. I have been interested in digital forensics and was looking through various courses when cybersecurity appeared, which sparked my curiosity and pushed me to pursue it further.

Attaining C|EH (Master) certification is a steppingstone for me to build confidence in the technical skills I possess. I will now slowly pursue more advanced certifications.

One of the most important skill that the C|EH (Master) program has provided me is the cyber kill chain methodology, which provides an understanding of the stages of a cyberattack from reconnaissance to exfiltration of data. This aids an Ethical Hacker to identify, prepare to attack, engage, and destroy the target.

One of the most important skill that the C|EH (Master) program has provided me is the cyber kill chain methodology, which provides an understanding of the stages of a cyberattack from reconnaissance to exfiltration of data. This aids an Ethical Hacker to identify, prepare to attack, engage, and destroy the target.

My experience was great! EC-Council has given a lot of courseware and training material for us to practice.

Some of the tools and techniques that I use are scanning, Nmap, Sparta, Wireshark. These are used primarily to scan networks and find abnormalities. The other tools that I use, like Acronis and Ease US, are handy for backups.

My advice for people would be not to be daunted by cybersecurity. Yes, it is a big topic and one with lots of responsibilities. But with hard work and perseverance, I am sure you can do it!

I always believe that everyone starts off crawling, and slowly learn to walk and run. Hence, I felt that the EC-Council certification path was a more structured way for me to start my certification routes, from learning the theory (C|EH theory) to then slowly advancing to practical skills C|EH (Master).

Getting C|EH (Master) was an accomplishment for me! It has boosted my confidence as I pursue further into the field of cybersecurity! Without a doubt, there is more to learn in the world of cybersecurity.

Interview With Boštjan Špehonja

Achieving the C|EH (Master) certificate was additional confirmation that I was headed in the right direction and that my work was excellent. Also, I am proud to be the first in Slovenia to receive the C|EH (Master) certificate. While studying for the certification, I learned some techniques that we have additionally introduced in the daily implementation of penetration tests.

In my opinion, the European Union should do more in the field of information security. Only laws and directives are not enough, and we lack the operative nature. Certification houses such as EC-Council make a significant contribution to individuals, allowing them to become familiar with intrusive attack techniques as well. It is crucial that cybersecurity professionals can think like attackers, learn about invasive methods, to better defend the ICT infrastructure of a business/organization in a business environment.

Certainly! I am halfway to achieving an E|CSA certificate, and I wish to obtain an L|PT certificate as well. I often give lectures on ethical hacking and would one day like to be a Certified EC-Council Instructor.

Definitely! I already do so ever since I got C|EH certified. I help a lot of aspiring students learn about information security; some of them decide to get certified as well.

The C|EH certificate is well known in the economy and business in Slovenia. It is considered as a mandatory qualification in various tenders due to its recognition and accreditations. With the C|EH (Master) certificate, I can now climb a step higher.

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