We are partnering with the world’s leading cybersecurity initiatives to support the best platforms for knowledge sharing and peer networking around the world.

EC-Council has undertaken a new iterative to identify the top upcoming cybersecurity conferences and training events at the start of each year. After determining the list, we publish it to our members to keep you up to date with the most informative, innovative, and groundbreaking cybersecurity happenings in the world. Our support allows our certified members to enjoy exclusive event offerings to collect ECE (EC-Council Continuous Education) points for their EC-Council Professional Certifications.

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Benefits You Get

In addition to our support at your events, you will also attain the following benefits:

Attain Due Recognition

You will have significant coverage in the prominent communication medium. Your conference will be showcased on EC-Council’s website as an EC-Council Endorsed Event.

Provides the Benchmark for Excellence

Your conference will serve as a resource for other upcoming conferences around the world. Our endorsed events reflect the industry’s best practices, raise standards, and contribute to a growing body of knowledge about information security.

Improves the Credibility of the Event

Through EC-Council, your event will be recognized and regarded among the most prestigious of events. This helps increase visibility and generates great branding.

Exclusive Event Promotion

Through EC-Council’s extensive social media platforms, your event will gain the opportunity to be noticed by nearly all cybersecurity professionals globally. The Conference will also be highlighted in the official Monthly newsletter!

Requirements to Become a Conference Partner