Honorary Council

Honorary Council Governing Board



The Honorary Council is a member based network of volunteers that are recognized by society as one of the top experts in their respective fields. They are carefully selected from either academia and/or industry that are committed in contributing back to society. An invitation is extended to these individuals to join the Honorary Council and part of this decision is based on their contribution to the e-business and security community. More importantly, they remain an independent voice of the industry.

Their leadership role is honored and they can proudly declare their membership in the Honorary Council.

Erik Laykin -Managing Director(Duff and Phelps)
Erik Laykin

Managing Director
Duff and Phelps
- Past LA chapter President and Pacific Rim Director: FBI / Infragard.
Los Angeles

Dr. Majid Sarrafzadeh
Computer Science Department
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Charles K. Davis III
e-business Security Architect
IBM Global Services
White Plains, New York 10604
United States

Timothy Ewest
University of Alaska SE
Ketchikan, AK

Eric W. Yocam
(In personal capacity)
Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA 98052

James M. Aquilina
Managing Director and Deputy General Counsel
Stroz Friedberg, LLC
Los Angeles


Roles and Responsibilities

The role and responsibility of each member varies based on their area of expertise, the development projects at hand and the resource availability of members.

Their contribution can be in many ways, some of which are stipulated below and are by no means exhaustive:

  • Contribute research papers and innovative ideas for the benefit of certified members
  • Participation in speaking at EC-Council events locally and internationally
  • Representative of EC-Council in global events for the benefit of the e-business and security community
  • Indulge in the sharing of best practices and assist the management of EC-Council in driving global standards
  • Contribute in terms of intellectual property, technical quality reviews and aid EC-Council in disseminating knowledge and information pertaining to e-business and security
  • Mentor and guide EC-Council chapters and members by sharing their knowledge and experience
  • Advocate for EC-Council activities as well as promote peer interaction and professional development
  • Assist the Board of Directors in designing and developing ideas for new training programs and content



None of the Honorary Council members are part of the management of the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants and as such, they should not be construed to be part of the Board of Directors of EC-Council.