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Become an Accredited Training Center

EC-Council takes partnering seriously. We expect mutual investment for each other’s success. Please take a few moments to read through the benefits and requirements of the programs that interest you. The ATC partners are expected to meet and maintain specific requirements for their partnering category and level of participation.

The courses, marketing, enablement and relationship benefits vary by level of partnership. Additionally, Partners are expected to demonstrate expertise in one or more e- Business technologies.

Once you have decided to apply to become an ATC, please completely fill out the ATC application. The Partner Program team will then review the application and follow up with you if more detail is needed. You will be notified of the status of your application within 21 business days.

If you choose to join the EC-Council ATP program, there are a few simple steps to complete:

  1. Download the ATC-application-Form-v8.1.
  2. Send the entire original document together with payment to EC-Council.
  3. Alternatively, you can pay by credit card here.
  4. Membership costs USD500.00 for the first location and USD400.00 for each additional location under the same ownership. Renewals cost USD250.00 per annum.
  5. Regardless of payment method, the original agreement needs to be mailed to EC-Council.
  6. Upon receipt and approval, you will receive a welcome kit with a wall plaque and other collateral.
  7. The agreement expires after a term of one year and is subject to renewal upon prompt payment of the renewal fee.
  8. As EC-Council has implemented a calendar system for renewals, all new applications which do not fall in January or July will need to include the transitory renewal payment of USD20.00 per month to bring the renewal period to January or July (whichever comes sooner).

Example 1

Assuming today is 15th August 2015 and the new application is approved on 1st September 2015, the new ATC will pay USD500.00 plus USD20.00 per month for the months September 2009 till December 2015.

= USD500.00 + (USD20.00 x 4 months)
= USD500.00 + USD80.00
= USD580.00

Subsequently, on 1st January of each calendar year, ATC will pay the full renewal fee of USD250.00

Example 2

Assuming today is 15th April 2015 and the new application is approved on 1st May 2015, the new ATC will pay USD500.00 plus USD20.00 per month for the months May 2009 till June 2015.

= USD500.00 + (USD20.00 x 2 months)
= USD500.00 + USD40.00
= USD540.00

Subsequently, on 1st July of each calendar year, ATC will pay the full renewal fee of USD 250.00

Annual Contract Yes
Fee – Initial US $500
Annual Renewal Fee US $250
Multiple Location Requirements US $400 required for each additional branch
Certification or  Expertise in security technology focus Yes
An ATC need to place an upfront order of 20 kits Yes
Staffing Requirements
TRAINERS Required for delivering security certification programs Minimum 1 Certified EC-Council Instructor
Employed Sales/Marketing / Business Development Infrastructure Preferred
Support Help Desk Personnel No
Success Stories, Newsletter Articles other activities Recommended
References of customers with whom you have worked 1 reference
Named Primary Relationship Contact Yes

When you become an ATC, you enjoy these special benefits:

  • Access to ATC extranet Web site
  • Use of the EC-Council ATP logo
  • Authorized to conduct EC-Council official curriculum courses
  • ATC certificate and plaque
  • Discounted Exam vouchers
  • Promotional and marketing materials
  • CBTs, Videos and presentation materials
  • Admission to Hacker Halted conferences
  • Run EC-Council University programs

We are pleased to announce the 2015 EC-Council Global Awards. These awards provide recognition to EC-Council’s best performing training partners, institutions and certified instructors in more than 90 countries.

Each year, EC-Council honors Accredited Training Centers and Certified Instructors that have made distinguished contributions to the success of EC-Council certification programs and have made a difference in the rapidly evolving information security and ethical hacking domains.

All ATCs and CEIs are invited to participate for in the awards and stand a chance to win!

Discover the high value of awards

Gain Recognition

Global Award winners will be showcased on the EC-Council website, coverage in global press releases. Accredited Training Center and Instructor of the Year will also be given priority referral.

Benchmark Excellence

Winning entries serve as a resource for future Global Awards entrance. Winning Accredited Training Centers and certified instructors epitomize the industry’s best practices, raise standards and contribute to a growing body of knowledge about information security. Every applicant will see how they perform and learn from their accomplishments.

Improves the credibility of the Training Centers and Instructors

Award-winning training centers and instructors high standards of professionalism will be greatly recognized and regarded more prestigious. The good image associated with prestige will increase visibility and profitability and generate good branding.

EC-Council Global Awards

Candidate’s Personal & Certification Details – Confidential Information

EC-Council would like to remind all partners that any student’s and/or member’s personal and certification information is confidential and is not shared with any parties whatsoever external to EC-Council. Only accreditation bodies such as ANSI are purview to certain information during auditing sessions and these are governed by strict non-disclosures.

Candidate’s personal and certification details are deemed to be confidential in nature and we are not at liberty to divulge those details to third parties, including our partners. The only way we can release the details is when a candidate expressly consents to the release of his/her details by way of submitting the completed Information Release Policy form to

We would like our respected partners to inform their candidates to write DIRECTLY to EC-Council ( and for any type of assistance as confidential information may have to be divulged in the communication between the candidates and EC-Council.

Your attention and understanding on this matter are highly required and appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I run a training organization, and want my organization to be an ATC. Do all of my instructors need to be certified?

    No. Only the instructors who are involved in delivering the EC-Council curriculum needs to be certified.

  • How long will it take for my ATC application to be processed?

    It is in the agreement – 14 days

  • How do I become an Accredited Training Center?

    Review the information on the Requirements page to determine if you qualify to participate in the program. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • What is an Accredited Training Center (ATC)?

    Accredited Training Centers are professional instructors, training organizations, or businesses. They deliver top-notch professional training on e-Business subjects.

Certified EC-Council Instructor

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