The EC-Council | Press is an academic outreach project, started by EC-Council in 2009 in partnership with Cengage Learning. EC-Council and the various teams at Cengage have worked diligently to convert the leading global certifications and content from EC-Council into academic content with all associated pedagogical features of traditional academic text books. The EC-Council Press titles are designed with academic support for professors including question banks for quizzes and classroom delivery, instruction files, lab guides and resources. Templates for course development and accreditation options are available through Cengage Services. Authorized Training Centers for EC-Council are not permitted to use the EC-Council | Press for official certification preparation courses.

The EC-Council Press is designed to cover learning objectives of the EC-Council certification exam in an academic setting. Each domain is categorized as a “Series”, the series are then broken down into individual titles. See below for a list of topics as well as links to purchase physical and e-books. Additional formats available are eChapters available for purchase and rental through Cengage Brain.

To learn more about EC-Council Press and other EC-Council academic opportunities, e-mail [email protected]