What is C2SI?

The Community College Scholarship Initiative (C2SI) is a function of the EC-Council Academia Partner Program that allows U.S. and Canadian Community Colleges and Public School Districts in the EC-Council Academia partner network the opportunity to receive additional scholarships off EC-Council Academia Series resources and other EC-Council ancillaries.


When did C2SI start?

C2SI was enacted on June 1st 2021 following Covid-19 to further support Cybersecurity education and career readiness within Community Colleges.

How to Register

C2SI is a function of the EC-Council Academia Partner program. Participants may apply as an EC-Council Academia partner. Upon acceptance, eligible partners can write to [email protected] to be added to C2SI.

Participating Community Colleges

Under the EC-Council Academia partner program here are a few of the
participating Community Colleges and Public-School Districts:

Community Colleges and Public-School Districts may apply to become a part of the EC-Council Academia partner program and participate in the Community College Scholarship Initiative (C2SI)!

Who Can Participate?


Community Colleges

(Private Career Colleges – Canada Only)


Secondary Institutions:
Public School Districts & CTE Departments

Any Community College (Post-Secondary) or Public School District (Secondary) institution in the United States and Canada that is registered under the EC-Council Academia partner program may participate. These institutions must be utilizing Academia Series resources within for-credit, degree granting course(s) to be eligible to take advantage of C2SI scholarships. C2SI is NOT available for non-credit programs offered to the public (including boot camps), and only caters to courses and programs within an Associate’s degree program or K-12 program within a Community College or Public School District.


Why Was C2SI Developed?

Why was this program developed? EC-Council’s Academic division strongly believes that Community Colleges in the U.S. and Canada play a vital role within the higher education system. EC-Council is passionate about supporting Cybersecurity programs catering to underserved communities, low-income students, students of color, budget limitations, and other circumstances. In result, C2SI was developed to further support Community Colleges students with affordable pathways to EC-Council certifications and learning resources with scholarships on eCourseware, lab ranges, and additional eLearning bundles.

What Types of Scholarships Are Offered?

What types of scholarships are offered? For questions on C2SI scholarships, please contact your EC-Council Academia representative. If you do not have one, please contact:

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