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About EC-Council Malaysia

A global leader in cybersecurity education, EC-Council offers a full array of highly renowned training programs and certifications used by Malaysian professionals and organizations in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, George Town, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Johor Bahru etc. In today’s digital world, with increased demand to prioritize cybersecurity and privacy, EC-Council is the partner you need.
Whether you are an organization in government, academia, not-for-profit or business, we work with you, to understand your specific digital requirements. Our full suite of training programs will help you secure your information assets, including IP, as well as shore up vulnerabilities and mitigate risks.

In addition to our best-in-class cybersecurity courses in Malaysia, we also provide the opportunity to train your staff on phishing attempts, ransomware protection and overall security awareness.

If you are a Malaysian looking to advance your career in cybersecurity or aspire to join this lucrative field, EC-Council offers a variety of high-demand courses, training and industry certifications available online, with self-directed or scheduled options available.

EC-Council Cybersecurity Course & Training Programs in Malaysia

EC-Councils globally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker course provides a real world experience and hands on training about understanding of cyber and network threats, determining hacker motives, fixing system and application vulnerabilities, vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection and deflects attacks. Undergoing training for the C|EH course, the candidate will be immersed in an environment that helps in evaluating not just logical, but the physical security aspect of the system. The course provides insight into the hackers mind and helps the candidate in grasping the concepts of vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection much clearly.

Become a Training Partner with EC-Council Malaysia

EC-Council Accredited Training Centers (ATCs) in Malaysia offer up-to-date training, testing, and credentialing services, accredited by EC-Council to meet international training and credentialing standards.

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Become an Academia Partner with EC-Council Malaysia

EC-Council helps educators in Malaysia build world-class cyber programs. When you partner with us, you get help in establishing a cyber security education ecosystem that supports your students, alums, faculty, employees, and communities.

EC-Council Academia partnership in Malaysia helps you offer cost-effective, authorized learning resources for enrolled students to prepare them for EC-Council exams and, ultimately, their careers after graduation.

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Become a Certified EC-Council Instructor in Malaysia

The Certified EC-Council Instructor (C|EI) program is designed for individuals who want to deliver EC-Council’s suite of professional certification programs. The C|EI program provides resources for individuals to become industry-recognized trainers specializing in the field of information security.

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Become an EC-Council Reseller in Malaysia

As an EC-Council reseller in Malaysia , you will achieve operational efficiency and increase your revenue generation potential. EC-Council’s iWeek classes are platforms for professionals from various geographies and skill sets to get their training delivered online by our award-winning trainers.

As a reseller, this saves you from class operations and allows you to start onboarding students from as early as first student enrollment.

To become an EC-Council Reseller in Malaysia , fill in your details in the form, and we will get back to you soon.

Get the EC-Council Enterprise Solutions

EC-Council’s systems, programs and training upgrades your cyber defense capabilities and personnel in tandem, while lowering your cyber security costs, featuring new, breakthrough technology.

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