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About EC-Council United Kingdom

United Kingdom, UK as it is called is the world’s first industrialized nation. Also, UK is one of the developed nations with one of the largest economies. On the cyber security front also UK has taken commendable initiatives to ensure security to its businesses and individuals.
The year 2016 starts on a brighter note for UK on the cyber security front. The United Kingdom has seen the dawn of its second National Cyber Security Strategy in 2016 which aims to build the cyber security capability of UK along with developing skill in the domain. Also, the strategy focuses on developing resilient systems and networks which can reverse an attack. With IoT, the number of connected devices has increased exponentially. In their latest cyber security strategy, the UK government promises to increase the investment on cyber security from GBP 869 million to GBP 1.9 billion. However, it is matter of apprehension that the cyber security human resource is still far from the current requirement.

UK is one of the top countries which severe cybercrime perpetration. Some very common attacks which UK is stifled with include phishing, social media attack, spear phishing attacks and ransomware attacks. Businesses are harnessing all avenues for a digital transformation. Working towards creating secure seamless networks connecting, people, businesses and governments EC-Council is making giant strides in fueling the cyber security ecosystem with ethical hacking courses UK like C|EH certification UK.

EC-Council Training and Certification Programs in United Kingdom

The Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council is one of the leading certifications in Ethical Hacking Training. With its complex yet specific 21 modules, it provides the fundamentals of penetration testing any professional would need to know to step into the field of Cyber Security. The online ethical hacking course gives extensive theory and hands on practical sessions on SQL injections, cryptography, mobile hacking, password attacks, Trojans, virus etc give an in depth knowledge about how a hack is carried out and what countermeasure can be taken to elevate them from occurring again.

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