Certified Ethical Hackers Compete Globally to Secure OWASP TOP 10 Web Applications Threat

EC-Council, the world leader in cybersecurity training and certification, gives aspiring Ethical Hackers an opportunity to participate in the C|EH October Challenge: OWASP Top 10 Web Application Challenge as a part of their Ethical Hacking training.

Tampa, Florida, November 15, 2022: Aspiring cybersecurity professionals worldwide competed in the challenging C|EH competition held by EC-Council as part of its Global C|EH Compete Challenge in October 2022. Candidates took part in a 4-hour Capture the Flag (CTF) based on OWASP’s Top 10 web application threats to beat their competitors and earn the top 10 rankings on the Leaderboard. The C|EH Leaderboard is a platform that encourages ethical hackers to actively test their abilities and recognizes the achievements of the top C|EHs worldwide.

As part of the competition, every participant was required to demonstrate the expertise of the complete web application hacking methodology, starting from footprinting the entire web infrastructure to web application analysis and exploitation of multiple OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities in the target business application. They were also required to perform sensitive data exfiltration. The challenge required candidates to use various exploitation techniques such as client-side controls evasion, authentication and authorization attacks, injection attacks, LFI and RFI, and CMS exploitations to gain access to the target’s critical infrastructure, elevate privilege and gain access to the protected assets.

Candidates raced the clock with their peers to earn the top spot in the Ethical Hacking Leaderboard. In October’s C|EH Compete challenge, candidates were tasked with reviewing the security of a target financial institution’s web applications, which offer national and international services, and ensuring that they are not vulnerable to any OWASP’s top ten vulnerabilities. The October competition is a part of a 12-month continuous training for Certified Ethical Hackers among the world’s elite cyber professionals across the latest technologies and platforms, from web applications, OWASP Top 10, SCADA, etc.

“An aspiring cyber professional enrolled in the C|EH program must complete these challenges in under 4 hours to hone their skill. They are also pitted against other players worldwide to develop critical thinking abilities. EC-Council strongly believes there will be little or no progress if no competition exists. Competition brings out the best in our candidates,” said Jay Bavisi, President and Founder of the EC-Council Group.

EC-Council proudly congratulates its Accredited Training Center in Brazil, ACADI-TI, for successfully training its students with the highest quality of CEH training, which led to 2 of its students making it to the top 10 CEH October Global Challenge Leaderboard.

Last month’s Leaderboard standings saw Dunura Dulshan from Sri Lanka bag the top position, followed closely by Roshan Pathak from India, and Marc Vetten sealed the third place from Germany. Competitors face a realistic cyberattack scenario to practice, compete, grow, and sharpen their cyber skills against various new target organizations.

The C|EH Global Challenges offers monthly capture-the-flag-style challenges to help students hone their ethical hacking skills. After completing C|EHv12 training, candidates will participate in a 12-month global hacking competition using the Compete methodology of the new C|EH learning model. The C|EH Compete structure enables students to put their learning skills to the test through capture-the-flag style competitions against some of the world’s top ethical hackers. These curated, 4-hour CTFs, held in EC-Cyber Council’s Range, allow participants to demonstrate their ethical hacking prowess and earn recognition.

To view the annual calendar of the C|EH Compete Series, please visit: https://www.eccouncil.org/programs/certified-ethical-hacker-ceh-compete/

The C|EH Compete Global Challenge Oct 2022 Leaderboard: OWASP TOP 10 Web Applications Threat

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