DNeX, the multi-million-dollar technology giant, acquires the exclusive rights to offer EC-Council Global Services (EGS) cyber security services in Malaysia

In a landmark deal, Dagang NeXchange Bhd (DNeX) has through its wholly-owned subsidiary, DNeX Technology Sdn Bhd., signed an exclusive brand license agreement with EC-Council International Ltd to provide consultancy and advisory services based on the delivery model, methodology, and brand of EGS.

EC-Council Global Services (EGS), the consulting arm of EC-Council group, recently signed an exclusive brand license agreement with DNeX Technologies, a publicly traded Kuala Lumpur based technology company. The agreement will allow, to provide consultancy and advisory services based on the delivery model, methodology, and brand of EGS.

The RM 900 million-valued Dagang NeXchange Bhd, which has interest in oil and gas, power, and technology, is one of the prominent names in Malaysia. As of January 2, 11:37 AM, shares in DNeX were up 3 sen or 6.91% at 51.5 sen, giving it a market capitalization of RM912.79 million. The deal (and the applause from investors of DNeX) proves that the brand of EC-Council has power beyond the cybersecurity certification market and can compete globally in the consultancy industry.

The an exclusive brand license agreement with EGS is to provide consultancy and advisory services based on the delivery model, methodology, and brand of EGS. EGS is a division of EC-Council that offers comprehensive services using a four-phased methodology to assess, block, correct, and defend the cyber security of its clients.

DNeX Executive Deputy Chairman Datuk Samsul Husin said in a statement today “We are pleased to be working together with EC-Council to provide top notch cyber security consultancy and advisory in an increasingly growing market in the country.”

The agreement will give DNeX access to EC-Council’s methodologies, enabling it to learn from cyber security implementation in key global economies. “With this licensing deal, DNeX will offer the holistic approach to cyber security of EGS and develop a cyber security framework that helps in identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery to cyber threats to clients in Malaysia,” said Jay Bavisi, group president of EC-Council.

The positive response to the deal not only underlines the potential EC-Council has in other markets, but also indicates an increasingly positive attitude markets have towards the importance of cybersecurity. This turnaround is especially important in Malaysia, which experienced a leak of 46 million mobile users’ data, some leading to the creation of fraudulent profiles to make online purchases back in Oct 2017.

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