EC-Council Feb 2021 Ethical Hacker Leaderboard Members Soar Well Past the 99% Benchmark

EC-Council reveals its February 2021 Ethical Hacking Leaderboard, featuring the top ethical hackers from all over the world. This month’s list is dominated by hackers from Africa and self-paced learners who have crossed the 99% benchmark.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, March 08, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Of the 10 hackers ranking on EC-Council’s February 2021 Ethical Hacking Leaderboard list, four have achieved scores above 99%, with Femi Falobi, a professional from Nigeria, achieving an astounding 99.6%. His efforts are closely followed by Niranga Dharmaratna from Sri Lanka, Abdulhamid Turkmen from Turkey, and Juan Botes from South Africa.

Jay Bavisi, CEO of EC-Council, said, “We are happy to see that two of the top five leaderboard members came from the African region — one from Nigeria and the other from South Africa.”

Africa has been facing a plethora of cyberattacks of late. According to Lehan van den Heever, enterprise cybersecurity adviser for Kaspersky in Africa, “South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya have seen the biggest increases in cybercrime, which correlates with the presence of business hubs.”

“Looking at the bigger picture, the rise of Africa’s offensive cyber capabilities will help establish the nation’s cyber dominance and will be good for the global balance of power,” said Jay. “It is also heartening to note that 6 of the 10 members ranking on this month’s leaderboard have been trained via our self-paced learning model — EC-Council’s iClass. This gives us the confidence that recent changes in our curriculum and mode of training are indeed making a positive impact on our students.”

The Ethical Hacking leaderboard also features members from the Netherlands, India, Russian Federation, England, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, all of whom scored a minimum of 10% more than the previous month’s leaderboard topper.

To be featured on the leaderboard, one must attempt the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Challenge, which is a 6-hour, cloud-based hacking challenge that tests one’s hands-on capability. EC-Council, a global leader in information security certification and a pioneer in the ethical hacking space, is known for transforming ethical hacking into a mainstream security practice via its globally accepted Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification.

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