EC-Council, PIKOM, and PEOPLElogy Group Spearhead Cybersecurity Skills Revolution for Malaysian SMEs 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 28, 2023:  EC-Council, a global leader in cybersecurity education and training, and inventor of the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH) has partnered with PIKOM, the National Tech Association of Malaysia, to redefine the landscape of upskilling for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia. This transformative partnership, in conjunction with PEOPLElogy Group, the largest & notable People Development Solution Provider, introduces a suite of fully funded skills program, with the HRDF SME Skills program at the forefront as a critical resource for Malaysian employees in SMEs.  

Against the backdrop of alarming cybersecurity statistics in Malaysia, indicating a 144% surge in breach rates, the partnership responds to the urgent need for skilled cybersecurity professionals. With 494,699 affected accounts and Malaysia ranking eighth globally for compromised cybersecurity, the country faced losses of RM27 million by February 2023, impacting various sectors, including government and telecoms. 

Central to this alliance is the recently concluded Cybersecurity program, fully funded by HRDF, featuring EC-Council’s Certified Network Defender (CND) training. The program, facilitated by PEOPLElogy Group, emphasized practical skills and industry relevance to ensure participants gain a comprehensive understanding of network defense. 

EC-Council’s CND is designed to equip participants with practical skills and industry-specific knowledge. The program’s emphasis on hands-on training ensures a deep understanding of network defense, covering crucial topics such as network components, traffic management, security policies, and more. By offering a practical approach, CND prepares participants to tackle real-world cybersecurity challenges effectively. 

“The collaboration between EC-Council, PIKOM, and PEOPLElogy Group is more than a partnership; it’s a commitment to fortify Malaysia’s technological backbone. We are united in our goal to equip SMEs with advanced cybersecurity knowledge and foster a workforce that can thrive in the face of ever-evolving challenges of the digital age,” said Jay Bavisi, President and CEO, EC-Council Group.

The inaugural program successfully trained 25 participants, who demonstrated proficiency in, safeguarding, detecting, and responding to network threats. Covering a range of topics, including network components, traffic management, performance and utilization, network topology, system locations, security policies, and more, this diverse group emerged as experts in the intricacies of network defense. 

Executed in early July 2023, the training accentuates the collaborative efforts of PEOPLElogy Group and EC-Council. Participants gained a profound understanding of fundamental goals, benefits, and challenges in network defense delved into risk management concepts, and explored firewall security concerns, capabilities, and limitations. 

Highlighting the success of this alliance, PIKOM is actively exploring opportunities for recurring sessions in collaboration with EC-Council and PEOPLElogy Group, with a shared commitment to consistently enhancing the skill set of Malaysian SME employees. 

As the global leader in cybersecurity education and training, EC-Council played a prominent role as the certification body, complementing PEOPLElogy Group’s pivotal role in delivering impactful Methodology and Technology training solutions. This partnership reinforces PIKOM’s commitment to strategic collaborations that advance the nation’s tech capabilities, with EC-Council at the forefront. 

EC-Council, PIKOM & PEOPLElogy remain resolute in their commitment to nurturing a skilled and resilient workforce within Malaysian SMEs. As they continue their efforts to facilitate access to cutting-edge training programs, this partnership aims to strengthen businesses and individuals alike in the ever-evolving Malaysian tech landscape. 

About EC-Council:   

EC-Council invented the Certified Ethical Hacker. Founded in 2001 in response to 9/11, EC-Council’s mission is to provide the training and certifications apprentice and experienced cyber security professionals need to keep corporations, government agencies, and others who employ them safe from attack.   

Best known for its Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program, EC-Council today offers 200 different trainings, certificates, and degrees in everything from Computer Forensic Investigation and Security Analysis to Threat Intelligence and Information Security. An ISO/IEC 17024 Accredited Organization recognized under the US Defense Department Directive 8140/8570 and many other authoritative cyber security bodies worldwide, the company has certified over 350,000 professionals across the globe. Trusted by seven of the Fortune 10, half of the Fortune 100, and the intelligence communities of 140 nations, EC-Council is the gold standard in cyber security education and certification.   

A truly global organization with a driving belief in bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion to the modern cybersecurity workforce, EC-Council maintains 11 offices in the US, the UK, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.    

The company can be reached online at 

About PIKOM 

PIKOM, THE NATIONAL TECH ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA, is the association representing the technology industry in Malaysia. Its membership currently stands at more than 1,000 active companies involved in a whole spectrum of tech products and services, and which command 80% of the total TECH business in Malaysia. As the Voice of the Tech Industry, PIKOM embraces the task of growing the size and capabilities of the tech industry in Malaysia by creating opportunities for its members as well as all Malaysians to capture the benefits offered by advances in technology. 

About PEOPLElogy

PEOPLElogy is Malaysia’s largest People Development Solution Provider on a mission to achieve individual and organizational success, positively impacting millions of lives across Southeast Asia. The organization specializes in helping companies identify and capitalize on their most valuable asset – their employees. By applying the winning 3D formula of discovery, development, and digital, PEOPLElogy transforms clients’ teams into a resilient workforce. Visit:  for more information.

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